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Skinny Dipping

They had finished their drinks at the beach, stretched out on the cool sand under the light of a half moon. The air still held on to the heat of the day, washing over them softly in a humid breeze. “I’m going for a swim,” Akim announced. “Saving me the shower when I get home.” … Continue reading

Lunch Break

‘Want to make out?’, the message popped up in the corner of her screen. She quickly closed the window and looked at the clock. Time for her lunch break. Taking off her headphones, she got up and left the office which was already half empty. He waited for her by the staircase. “Let’s make a … Continue reading

Wild Swimming

It wasn’t far from the edge of town to the river with its tranquil meadows so they had spontaneously decided to go for a stroll. As usual they had met up in a trio to review the week with tapas and wine. They continued their conversation on the gravel path winding through high grass, past … Continue reading

New Girlfriend

The beer garden was as busy as expected. Marlene and Klara collected their drinks at the bar before snaking through the tables in search of free seats. “Over there, isn’t that Florian?” Klara pointed towards the other end of the terrace. “Yes,” Marlene replied, “with his new girlfriend. Just his type.” Klara winked at her. … Continue reading

Long Drive

It was still early in the morning when they stashed their luggage in the trunk and got into the car, travel mugs of coffee in hands. “If I fall asleep, do wake me up for a driver change,” she reminded him of their agreement. “Don’t worry,” he replied. “We’ll have to make a stop anyway … Continue reading

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