Her new neighbour had embarked in Dubai, occupying the window seat. Luckily the space between them stayed empty and they quickly agreed to share its use in order to make the long flight as comfortable as possible. Shortly after the first meal the cabin lights were dimmed and they arranged their blankets and pillows as conveniently as possible. 

Her fellow traveller had placed her legs on the middle seat and was concentrating on her tablet. Changing shades of colour emanating from the screen softly illuminated her face. Browsing through the onboard entertainment system herself, she didn’t come across anything that could rouse her interest. Eventually she also put her feet up on the seat next to her and spread the blanket out in order to catch some sleep. 

Her eyes were closed but the sleep wouldn’t come, despite the monotonous humming of the engines. Sitting across, her neighbour also still seemed to be awake, since she felt her feet sliding back and forth on the shared seat cushion. On occasion they got so close that the fluffy fibres of their flight socks rubbed against one another. 

Sensing the other woman so near instilled a cosy feeling inside her. 

She kept her eyes closed and moved her left foot a little to the side towards the edge of the seat. The blanket stretched across her knees. Unannounced the plane started rattling about, at first sporadically, then in shorter intervals. Hence she only noticed that her opposite had pushed a foot between hers when their ankles touched. 

Apart from her rising heart rate she didn’t give off any signs as the other woman’s calf slowly glided along hers. When their knees were aligned, she noticed the gentle touch of toes against her crotch. The moistness between her labia began seeping into the thin fabric of her panties. 

The plane’s vibrating and rocking intensified. With a ping the fasten seat belt signs illuminated and an announcement advised all passengers that an area of turbulence was ahead. Both women sat upright again while looking at each other. Before she could close her seat belt, the other passenger asked: “Would you like to sit next to me?”

Smiling she scooted over into the middle seat. 

The flight attendants completed their rounds before it got quiet again as the majority of passengers continued their sleep. Her seat neighbour spread the blanket over both of them. In the dim light of the cabin the woman’s eyes shone brightly as her hand moved onto her thigh underneath. Her legs parted as if by magic, allowing the warm hand access to her mons which was tingling with erotic excitement. 

Its rubbing over the tightly fitting fabric sent hot waves through her entire body. She longed for nothing more fervently than feeling the fingers of the woman next to her on her bare pussy, taking them into her seething insides. She slid forward on her seat by a hand’s width. Her neighbour understood the signal instantly. Slender fingers slipped under the waistband of her leggings. 

Venturing inside, they discovered the panties underneath already soaking wet, and pulled them to the side. Without further ado they delved between the labia. The long middle finger penetrated the vagina, whose walls contracted around it. 

The traveller bit her lower lip in order to suppress a lustful moan. 

With the palm of her hand pressing against the pubis and the delicately swollen clitoris, her unexpected lover began finger fucking her. Coated in her juice, a second, then even a third finger found entry into her slit. Her eyes were wide open and she breathed heavily while the plane slowly traced its way across the world map on the screen in front of her. 

With a twitch of her loins she reached her climax. Her thighs firmly squeezed the hand together, which was still stuck deep inside her. Only when the detonations of her orgasm had faded did she release it. She let her head drop back against the seat rest and looked to the side into the beaming face next to her. 

The seat belt sign switched off as they gazed into each other’s eyes. “I hope you don’t mind if I stay sitting here?“ she asked her fellow traveller while gliding a hand onto her knee. “Of course not,” she replied and stretched out her leg across her lap. “On such long distance flights I always like to have company.” 

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