The Sports Massage

After the last run she had finally relented and booked a massage. Her fellow runners from the group had unanimously recommended a practice close to the city centre, making it easy to go for an appointment straight after work. The receptionist had equipped her with a towel and sent her into the treatment room where she now waited for the therapist, stripped down to her underwear. 

“Hello, I’m Jasmin. Are you here for the first time?” The therapist closed the door behind her and shook Nora’s hand. “Yes, but I have heard only good things,” Nora replied. “All about me I’m sure,” Jasmin grinned at her. “So I’ve read that I should take care of the thighs and calves mostly?” Nora looked down at her bare legs. “Yes, lately I cramp up all the time when running. And then the pain extends all the way up the back since I’m getting so tense.” The masseuse looked at her, nodding. “No problem, we can sort that out. Legs are my favourite area to work on. It’s best if you get fully undressed, I don’t want to spoil your pretty underwear with the oil.” 

Nora slipped from the massage bench. Standing bare feet on the linoleum, she unfastened her bra and draped it over the chair with the rest of her clothes. Jasmin observed her openly and gathered her jet-black hair into a ponytail while Nora stripped off her briefs as well. “OK, jump on the table for me please, face down first.” Nora climbed onto the bench, stretching to full length. Her head rested on the flat pillow and her arms were folded by her side. The closed legs extended to the end of the table, her toes just floating over the edge. 

Jasmin placed her warm hands on Nora’s pelvis. 

“I’ll start with your back. You seem quite tense.” With light pressure from her long fingers her hands ran up Nora’s back to her neck. She brushed along the sides of her neck behind her earlobes before gliding onto her shoulders and down her arms. A stimulating shiver cascaded through Nora’s body. Jasmin walked past her to the top end of the bench and began massaging her shoulders. She ran her hands along her spine, bending over her, so that Nora could feel the warmth against her cheek. 

“What is that perfume you are wearing? It smells nice,” Nora asked to distract herself. “Oh really? I don’t wear anything. Must be the massage oil,” Jasmin responded. Nora’s face flushed red and a flutter stirred in her belly. She breathed in the scent of the other woman, beguiled by her proximity. 

“I think I can carry on with the legs,” she heard Jasmin close to her ear before her hot hands lifted from her shoulders. Heart pounding, Nora held out while Jasmin spread fresh oil over the palms of her hands. Then she stepped behind Nora, leaving her field of view. She gripped her ankles and massaged them between thumbs and index fingers. A soft sigh slipped from Nora’s lips before she could suppress it. 

“Do you want to spread your legs, then I can better massage your thighs,” Jasmin heard through the pounding of blood in her eardrums. Entranced she opened her legs, fully aware of how wet her labia must be. She felt her pent-up juice dripping onto the towel as her slit parted. 

“Mmm, yes, that’s why legs are my favourites.” 

Jasmin came towards her as Nora opened her eyes and gazed down her own naked body along the massage table. The tall woman smiled and stood next to her, crotch pressed against the forearm resting on the bench. Then she put her hands onto Nora’s bum cheeks and let them glide downwards, between her thighs and onto the labia, flushed pink with pulsing blood. 

“Do you want to pet my pussy while I masturbate you?” Nora gulped and nodded. Jasmin took her hands out from between her thighs and lifted her dark blue top. She untied the cord of her wide linen trousers and let them fall to the floor. Curly pubic hair tickled the back of Nora’s hand as Jasmin bent forward and slid her left hand back onto her crotch. The right stroked her cheek before closing over her lips. 

Jasmin’s middle finger bored between her teeth into Nora’s mouth as she simultaneously slipped into her vagina. Instinctively Nora began sucking the other woman’s finger as her nectar dripped freely over Jasmin’s demanding hand. Her hips began to twitch, rising and falling under the thrusts of the fingers penetrating her. 

“Don’t come too hard, or they’ll hear you at reception.” 

Stoked, a red hot flush engulfed Nora’s face, only causing the synapses in her head to fire even more furiously. She sucked Jasmin’s finger ever deeper into her throat to stifle her moans. Her hand rested between the legs of her therapist now, whose own wetness moistened her palm and began mingling with the aroma in the room. 

Jasmin held her gash wide open while her middle finger rubbed her clitoris hard and relentlessly. Never before had Nora felt so utterly surrendered to her lust. She climaxed with an intense tremor that shook her entire body. She was still quivering when Jasmin had already withdrawn from her and stood fully dressed in front of her again. 

“We are done for today,” said Jasmin as she washed her hands in the sink. “I have another appointment right now, but you can get dressed here, no rush. I hope you’re feeling better now. Bye!” She winked at her and left the treatment room.  

Nora climbed off the massage table, gathered up her clothes and got dressed. She said a brief goodbye to the receptionist and walked to her bus stop. As she slumped onto a seat and stared out the window, she rested her chin in her hand. On her skin she could still smell Jasmin’s lust. Before the bus reached her stop, she had pulled out her mobile phone, booking her next appointment. 

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