The Glass Shower

They had decided to finally use the opportunity and extend their layover in the city by a few days. From the drab airport hotel they had relocated to a swanky little boutique establishment. They would have to share a room, but apart from sleeping they weren’t going to spend much time there after all.

Bea slumped onto the immaculately made up white bed. “First! This side is mine!” They both cast their eyes over the room. “It’s just a little bit… crammed. Umm, and what about that shower right next to the bed, with a glass wall at that? Is this the honeymoon suite?”

Mara laughed. “Don’t worry, there won’t be anything I haven’t seen before when you lather up!” She threw her compact suitcase next to Bea on the bed and set about stashing her clothes on the shelves. Meanwhile Bea opened the small wardrobe and inspected its contents. “Oh, look, fluffy bathrobes and slippers! First in the shower!” She bolted over to the shower and hung her robe onto the hook. Standing, she slid off her flat pumps while lifting the sleeveless top over her head. The flower patterned miniskirt fell down around her ankles while she had already unfastened her bra. With a tug she ditched her creme coloured panties as well before flitting through the door into the shower cubicle.

Mara had followed all of this from the corner of her eye.

The two of them had known each other for a while, but she had never had the opportunity to observe her friend fully naked. The slim but distinctly womanly proportioned shape in the blue skirt and white blouse of her uniform had always been a visual treat for Mara. Over time the initial aesthetic admiration had intermingled with further feelings however. Since she had seen her doing her morning rounds in a swimsuit in one of the hotel pools, she had been determined. She needed to explore the still hidden areas of her body sooner than later.

Bea stood facing the tiled wall. She had turned on the tap so that the warm droplets of the rain shower covered her like a curtain. They were slowly filling the glass cubicle with a milky mist. Mara observed the nape of her neck, ending in her narrow shoulders. Then she cast her gaze downwards over the vertebrae of her spine. For a moment she lingered on the apple shaped cheeks of her bum before turning around and grabbing her own bathrobe from the wardrobe. She got naked and wrapped herself in the fluffy white fleece before sitting down on the armchair in the corner of the room.

The robe parted above her crotch as she spread her legs and placed her right hand on her pubic mound.

The glass shower cubicle was entirely filled up with billowing wafts of mist now, which only permitted blurred views of Bea’s body. She had untied the knot in her hair and one could sense how her hands were circumnavigating her body. They were spreading the shower gel in long, swirling motions over the tingly skin, where the hot water transformed it into fragrant foam.

Mara didn’t mind that she wouldn’t be visible to her friend like this either. All the while she had been masturbating and let her middle finger circle her swollen clitoris while following the display in the shower spellbound. She was more aroused than she had been for a long time but she didn’t allow herself to give in to the desire to slide her hand between her moist lips. Just as well because Bea already turned off the tap and swung open the door. In a cloud of fragrant fog she stepped from the shower, grabbed her bathrobe with a quick motion and covered herself in the soft fabric.

With legs crossed Mara sat in the chair and looked at her impatiently. “Finally, did you leave any warm water for me?” With teasing ire she strode past Bea, hung her robe off the hook and entered the shower. As the rushing water surrounded her, she savoured lathering up her naked body and smiled. This was exactly how she had imagined the first day of their holiday together.

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