The Birthday Present

Sarah had intended her birthday to be a small affair, but Linwen did not let her get away without any party at all. Her husband and herself had joined them at their home, the food had been delivered, and so they just spent a cozy evening between the four of them.

The first bottle of red wine which they had brought had been emptied already. “But now you have to open my present,“ Linwen prompted her friend. She went over to the sofa where the package was still waiting on the armrest, wrapped in silver paper and decorated with a big red bow. “Oh, with pleasure!“ Sarah replied enthusiastically. “I’m really curious.“ She got up from the dinner table as well and joined Linwen. They gave each other a heartfelt hug and Linwen planted a kiss on her cheek. ”Happy birthday, Sarah!“ She presented her with the package and observed Sarah unlacing the bow before carefully opening the wrapper, revealing a plain, matt black box.

Sarah lifted the lid, discovering a layer of shiny white tissue paper.

“I wonder what it is?“ she asked into the room while unfurling the paper. Underneath it lay a set of dark pink lingerie with black lace. “Oh…” Eyes wide open she first looked over to Linwen and then to her husband who was still sitting at the dinner table. “Haha, I have to admit that I wasn’t involved in that present. Linwen picked it out by herself!” “Well, that’s a relief!” Sarah replied laughingly and turned back towards her friend. “It is so pretty!” She took the brassiere out of the box and raised it up, admiring it from all angles. “I always thought this colour suits you particularly well,” commented Linwen and held the bra for Sarah while she lifted the panties out of the rustling paper. The silk gleamed crimson in the muted glow of the uplight.

“I hope you like them and they are a good fit? Otherwise you are welcome to exchange them, I’ll just get a voucher from the shop.” “Linwen, they are really enchanting! Thank you so much!” She hugged her friend once more and this time it was her placing a long kiss on her cheek. “I can’t wait to try them on. But without you, gentlemen. Please don’t be too disappointed!” She grinned over to her and Linwen’s husband who were still sitting at the table and looking over with playfully dejected expressions. “Are you joining me?” She waved Linwen to follow her and they both disappeared up the stairs together.

Closing the door to the bedroom, Sarah turned around to Linwen.

“You can sit on the bed. Please excuse the mess. As you can see, I didn’t have time to clear the chair from this evening’s clothes selection!” Linwen sat down on the edge of the bed while Sarah stepped in front of the full length mirror and unbuttoned her blouse. She yanked it out of the top of her skirt, slid it over her shoulders and threw it onto the mountain of clothes that was already piled onto the chair in the corner of the room. Linwen scooted over to her and slipped her fingers underneath the strap of her plain white bra. She opened the fastener so that Sarah could glide it down her bare arms.

“This underwear would go well with your little black velvet dress, I thought,“ Linwen remarked in a conversational tone while opening the zip on Sarah’s skirt from behind. Then she pushed it down over her hips and let it drop to the floor around her feet. “The panties shouldn’t show much of an outline underneath.” Sarah still stood with her back towards her. “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that one! I’ll get it.” She walked over to the wardrobe and retrieved a short black evening dress on its hanger. When she turned around, Linwen saw her bare breasts for the first time, whose erect nipples were surrounded by dark areolae. Sarah stepped back towards the bed and threw the dress onto the duvet next to her friend. “Could you please hand me the panties?” she asked while slipping the white briefs off her hips.

Now Sarah stood naked in front of her friend.

“In case you do want to exchange them, you probably shouldn’t put on the panties just now.“ Linwen looked up at her and pushed her right hand between Sarah’s crotch. “You seem to be quite wet.” She rubbed her slithery slit with warm fingers. “But don’t worry, I’ll take care of that, it’s part of your birthday gift.“ She stood up and let her moist hand glide over Sarah’s bush up to her navel. “Lie down and enjoy your present!”

Sarah sat down on the bed that had been warmed up by Linwen’s body and let her back sink onto the soft duvet. Her legs were angled so that her feet were planted on the floor, still in their high heeled shoes. She spread her thighs and presented her swollen pink lips to her friend. Linwen kneeled down between her legs and placed her hands on her pelvis, the forearms along her tense upper thighs. Then she lowered her head towards her crotch and her long black hair surrounded her like a curtain of shimmering silk.

Sarah felt the touch of the tongue on her labia, sending a shiver through her body.

A kiss followed, first light and soft, until she placed a hand onto her friend’s head and pressed her gently but insistently against her vulva. Now Linwen savoured her in full, jabbed her tongue deep into her gash and tasted the aroma of her lusty juice.

“Are you coming down again soon?” the voice of Sarah’s husband interrupted them, calling up from the base of the stairs. “I’m getting the dessert out.” “Yes, we are coming in a moment!” Sarah shouted back with a slight tremble in her tone. “Hmm, but I thought I was getting dessert from you…” Linwen teased while looking up from between Sarah’s thighs through strands of jet black hair. With a grin she shoved two fingers into Sarah’s dripping wet pussy and lowered her face again in order to suck on her clit that was buzzing with electrifying energy.

Sarah’s hips bucked upwards and she let herself go completely.

She buried her head under one of the pillows in order to muffle her ardent moans which summoned up the liberating orgasm she so longed for. With equal abandon Linwen was lost in her friend’s vulva. She licked her, sipped from her nectar, beguiled by the scent of her lust. She warmed her cheeks in the glow of her passion and felt her lewdness gripping her thrusting, delving fingers tightly.

With a spritz of her juice Sarah came over her. Linwen lapped her up and kissed her now relaxed, tender thighs. Then she stood up and brushed the long hair out of her face. “I’ll go and quickly touch up my lipstick, then I’ll join you. Are you going to put on the new underwear and go downstairs already? I had promised the two guys that I would present you in it.” Casting her a coquettish smile she opened the bedroom door and called down the corridor: “Our birthday girl is finished, she’ll come down to you in a moment!” Sarah raised herself up and dressed her still tingly body in the silken lingerie. Then she descended the stairs, slowly and deliberately.

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