They talked for the first time that evening. The party at the house of a common acquaintance had brought together a colourful mix of people from his old university mates to work colleagues and friends of friends. 

“Hello, I’m Maja,” she introduced herself. “I think we have met on the bus before?” The other woman nodded. “Yes, I think so too. We have the same stop. I am Véronique. Nice to meet you.” They arranged to make the trip back home together later und kept talking throughout the rest of the evening in changing constellations. 

It had gotten late when they decided to leave the party. They fished their winter coats from the still bulging wardrobe. Véronique pulled her wooly hat down deep over her ears. “Ready to go!” she grinned at Maja who in response put her hood over her short black hair and demonstratively drew it into her face. 

Side by side they walked along the empty pavement in the direction of the next bus stop. “I nearly hadn’t come today,” Véronique confessed. “But then I didn’t already want to break my New Year’s resolution to be more sociable. If in doubt, I decided to always say yes to any invites from now on.” 

They reached the bus shelter and sat down on the grey bucket seats of cracked plastic. “Are you cold?” Maja asked. Véronique crossed her legs and pulled down her skirt as far as possible towards her knees. “It’s okay. Let’s hope that the bus is on time. These tights are quite warm normally, they’ve got me through the whole of winter already.” 

“Why don’t you sit on my lap,” Maja suggested. 

“Oh, thanks. It actually is colder than I thought. I didn’t mean to stay this long really,” Véronique replied, surprised and somewhat muddled. She got up and sat down sideways across the other woman’s thighs. Maja put an arm around her waist to prop her up. The heat of her body permeated through the tight black jeans and comfortingly spread into the abdomen of her new friend. 

“Those tights really suit you,” Maja commented. She traced its intricate pattern with a finger from the knee up to the seam of the skirt. “Thank you,” Véronique responded, bashfully scooting further up her lap. “I mostly wear skirts because of the tights. And sometimes come to regret it in winter …” Maja laughed: “You have to suffer for your beauty. I for one appreciate it though. I’ve been admiring your legs all evening.” 

Her hand still rested on Véronique’s warm thigh, half way between her knee and the edge of her skirt. Her arm let go of her waist. Shortly after Véronique felt a strand of her hair being brushed from her ear, fingertips running over her exposed neck. “Your red hair with those green, long legs … You really know how to make an impression,” Maja whispered into her freed ear. 

Véronique turned around to her and they gazed into each others’ eyes up close. Maja pulled off her hood which had dipped deep into her face, thereby revealing her sparkling blue-grey eyes. Their lips met, closing the circuit of crackling tension that surged through their bodies. 

Near imperceptibly Véronique’s thighs parted as she twisted her upper body towards the passionate kiss. Maja’s waiting hand slipped under the skirt and followed in the wake of the continuously opening legs. Her fingers glided towards the blaze that glowed within Véronique’s vulva. 

“Are you coming to my place? New Year’s resolutions and all …” she asked under her breath when their quivering lips parted. Hearts pounding heavily in their chests, they both momentarily gasped for air. “Yes, I’d love to,” Véronique replied and slid down from her lap. She pulled Maja up by the hand and held her firmly while they looked towards the lights of the approaching bus heading towards them down the road. 

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