New Girlfriend

The beer garden was as busy as expected. Marlene and Klara collected their drinks at the bar before snaking through the tables in search of free seats. “Over there, isn’t that Florian?” Klara pointed towards the other end of the terrace. “Yes,” Marlene replied, “with his new girlfriend. Just his type.” Klara winked at her. “Yours too, isn’t she?” Marlene grinned. “Let’s ask if they have some space for us.”

When they approached the table, their acquaintance spotted them and waved them over. “Hey, how are you?” he greeted. “Come sit with us. Marlene, Klara, this is Yvonne.” They introduced themselves and took their seats on the wooden bench opposite the couple. Among the commotion around them they had to lean forward over the table in order to make conversation. While Klara and Florian chatted about what had been going on since they last met, Marlene and Yvonne enjoyed themselves with frivolous small talk. 

After a while Florian hinted at the largely empty glasses. “The same again? Stay here, these are on us.” He got up with his girlfriend and they climbed over the bench. For a moment Yvonne’s short dress rode high up her thigh. The two other women looked after them as they made their way through the crowd. 

“Cute summer dress. And no underwear it seems,” Marlene remarked when they were out of sight. “So definitely your type,” Klara replied, laughing. “Yeah, and she is really nice and easy going at the same time,” Marlene continued. “Why don’t you keep Florian occupied some more while I get to know her a little better.” Shortly after their friends returned with drinks in their hands. Together they toasted this pleasant summer evening. 

Marlene leaned over to Yvonne. 

“I like your dress. The colour really suits you, with that lovely tan.” Yvonne beamed back at her. “Oh, thank you! I thought there won’t be many more opportunities for wearing a summer dress on a night out.” Marlene moved a leg underneath the table until her calf glided along that of the woman opposite. Both took a deep sip from their glasses. 

Marlene slipped her foot from her sandal as they continued their conversation. With her bare toes she lightly ran along the warm skin of her new acquaintance, from the ankle up her shin. Yvonne held her gaze above the table and enthusiastically continued their exchange until the sole of Marlene’s foot had reached her knee. 

Yvonne cast a quick sideways glance to her boyfriend who was still occupied with his own conversation. Her thighs trembled imperceptibly as she parted her knees slightly. Marlene’s foot slipped in between them. The comfortable warmth of silky skin surrounded her as she slowly advance along the gradually opening legs. She delved under the thin fabric of the dress and started to feel the imminent proximity of her opposite’s sex. 

With her foot planted on the rough wooden bench, her toes began stroking the lips before them. They ran up the slit until they reached the fluffy nest of pubic hair. Yvonne squirmed on her seat, which only made her swollen clitoris rub harder against the playful intruders. She bit her lip and quickly reached for her glass in order to suppress a lustful moan building in her chest. 

“Shall we make a move?” Klara interrupted the situation. “Sure, I think we’ve intruded on this twosome long enough,” Marlene answered and withdrew her foot onto the ground. She slipped into the sandal and got up alongside her friend. “Nice to see you again,” Florian said as a farewell. “You too,” Klara responded. “It was nice to meet you as well,” Marlene added with a look towards Yvonne. “Same for me,” she replied. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.” The women waved as they made their way through the tables and back onto the riverside path. 

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