Lingerie Shopping

The little lingerie shop was situated in a side street which only sporadically brought in customers this early on weekdays. Hence the sales assistant recognised the woman immediately from the previous day as the small bell above the entrance rang out. “Good morning,” she smiled at her. “Hello,” the customer responded, closing the door behind her. 

“I was here yesterday and would like to try on some of the items you showed me,” the effortlessly elegant woman addressed her. “I remember. I’m glad that you did enjoy the selection,” the shop assistant replied. “I will get the sets for you now. The changing room is is over there.” She gestured in the direction of a ruby red velvet curtain on the other side of the room. 

Thanking her, the woman walked past. In her heeled half boots she was a head taller than herself, but her movements were fluid and weightless. The sales girl looked after her admiringly until she had closed the curtain. With a collection of brassières and matching string panties she soon after approached the changing room. 

“I believe these are the three you were considering,” she said to the customer through the curtain. The other woman pulled aside the shiny fabric, standing barefoot in plain black underwear before her. “Yes, thank you. I hope they fit as well as they look.” She took the items of underwear and hung them from the hook over the chair which she had draped her clothes over.  

“Is it okay if I look at them in the tall mirror over there?” 

She pointed at the antique standing mirror that was placed in the middle of the shop for decoration. “Of course,” the shop assistant confirmed. “I’ll just lock up until you are finished with the fitting.” Picking up the keys from behind the counter, she walked over to the front door. With a feeling of tense anticipation she locked it and turned the sign in the window over to ‘Closed’. 

The curtain opened and her customer emerged to observe herself in the large mirror. She turned back and forth on her toes, her long hair sliding over her shoulders. “Do you think the bra is a bit too tight?” she asked the sales girl who had only watched her from a distance so far. “I believe it is fine like this,” she now answered and stepped up behind her, so that they could see each other in the mirror. “May I?” she asked before adjusting the brassière’s back straps with her fingers. 

The woman in front of her raised her arms. The tufts in her armpits made the sales clerk imagine the scent of her womanliness in her nostrils. She let go of her as her fingers began to tremble. The customer smiled through the mirror and said: “I think you are right. But I’ll rather try on the rosé set next. Could you please get me the bra for it in a C?” Bouncing with energy she headed back to the changing room. “Of course,” the assistant acknowledged and searched the racks for the item. 

The curtain was open as she turned around. The other woman had already taken off her bra and was pulling down her panties while she approached her. She straightened up as the shop girl reached her, holding the new brassière towards her with an outstretched arm. Involuntarily her gaze fell onto the dark triangle between her thighs that were spread shoulder wide. 

The naked woman put her left foot on the chair that she had placed her clothes over. 

She looked directly at her opposite. “Did you imagine it like this? You can taste it if you like.” The clerk dropped to her knees, putting the bra she was holding to the side. She looked up along the legs of the exposed woman, over her belly, the curves of her breasts, into then beautiful face that beamed down at her. Tenderly she laid her hands onto the thighs and approached the labia whose touch she so desired. Slightly parted and with a pearl of moistness it awaited her passionate kiss. 

She breathed in the scent of the unknown woman as she pressed her mouth onto her sex. The first drop of her juice rolled over her tongue, bringing her taste buds to life. She licked along the slit to the clitoris, caressing it to the sounds of languorous sighs from above. The hand on her head confirmed that she had found the right spot. 

Her hands glided over the silky soft thighs while her tongue and lips carried on with their work. The trembling of the legs spurred her on to delve deeper inside, towards the nectar’s source. When her tongue could reach no further, she slid her index and middle finger into the wet opening in its stead, whose twitching muscles wrapped around them. Her lips enveloped the clitoris, the rough tip of her tongue rubbing it with wild vigour towards a climax. 

The woman stretched out her arms to either side in order to steady herself against the walls. Her breathing was ragged, gasping and moaning. “Lick me! Now!” she demanded urgently, pressing the head between her legs firmly against herself. As instructed the assistant pulled the fingers from her pussy and licked the wide open gash, up and down between the swollen red lips of this lascivious woman whose own digits now played her clit frenetically.  

With jerking loins she squirted into her half open mouth. 

The warm liquid dripped from her lips and ran down her chin. She lapped and savoured the other’s lust, indulging in the flood she had unleashed in her. Planting soft kisses from the labia to the thighs, she nestled her nose in the curly bush of the woman who stroked her smooth hair. “Mmm, you are very good,” she praised her with a sigh. 

“Thank you,” the shop girl replied and rose. “It was a real pleasure for me.” Smiling she gathered up the lingerie that was strewn over the changing room. “Can you please wrap them all up for me?” the customer asked. “Of course,” she answered and walked over to the counter while her patron got dressed. 

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