At the Neighbours’ Pool

In summer, whenever the neighbours were away on business or private travel for a few days, Jasna went on her own holiday trip. She snuck onto their grounds in the evenings to make her relaxed rounds in the beautiful, large swimming pool. Since it wasn’t possible to see into the garden from the outside, she didn’t even have to bring her bathing costume but could jump over the fence naked, armed with nothing but a towel.

On this evening however she had miscalculated.

She was just climbing out of the water when she froze in shock. Her neighbour stood there with crossed arms leaning against the terrace door. She had seemingly been observing her for a while already. “You should have just asked if you could use our pool. As I can see, you are already adhering to the dress code, so that is no problem at all!” Embarrassed, Jasna stood, still dripping wet, in front of the older woman. “Dry yourself off and lie down on the sun lounger. Then we can go over the rest of our house rules in a moment.” With those words the neighbour went back inside, while Jana followed her instructions.

She trembled slightly as she stretched out on the lounger, the small towel wrapped scantily around her body. It was a warm, muggy evening, but she was nervous and ashamed, having been caught like this. After what felt like a small eternity she heard soft footsteps approaching from the dark living room.

It didn’t help her tenseness when she saw her neighbour appear in front of her again.

She had traded the business suit from her work trip against a silk kimono which only extended over her hips and revealed her sun tanned legs. Jasna had always thought what a beautiful woman she was with her long dark hair and the lithe figure. But she had never seen her like this before.

“Lesson number one: take off the towel again. Young ladies are only admitted to our home clothes free.” Jasna gulped, but she couldn’t help obeying the mature woman. She leant forward, released the soft fabric in front of her breasts and pulled the towel away from underneath her. “That’s better”, the house owner smiled at her. “I had a long journey and you are already doing very well. We can leave it at the first lesson today and instead just relax together.”

Jasna held still as her neighbour stepped astride her without hesitation, her sheer endless legs planted to the left and right of the lounger. She could now see underneath the parted kimono, onto the crotch that was directly at eye level with her. She noticed a sharp line along her bronze thighs and thought at first that the woman was wearing creme coloured panties. But then she realised that she was completely naked. A small strip of black pubic hair extended above two light pink lips glowing in the twilight.

Her gorgeous neighbour dipped down onto Jasna’s own exposed crotch and their lips touched at the same instant as her mouth was kissed passionately. Unopposed she let herself be pushed backwards onto the lounger.

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