After Tennis

“Game, set and match!” her opponent cheered, running towards the net. “I think you are ready for Wimbledon,” she replied. “I should have known that your new outfit was a sign of intent,” she continued as they met and shook hands. In fact, she had noticed the new all white top and skirt combo immediately. More than one point had been lost as her eyes were less focussed on the ball and more on her opponent’s long, lithe legs pacing up and down the court. 

“Well, I might have the stamina to be a ball girl,” her opposite laughed. “You chased me around quite a bit. I really need a shower right now.” Together they went into the changing room and opened their lockers. She took her time getting undressed in order to watch her fellow player. As she was pulling down her panties and bending over, the other woman first revealed the small pink hole between her bum cheeks and finally also the labia nestled between her slender thighs. 

Her own crotch got wet and warm. 

Quickly she stripped off her underwear in order to follow her opponent under the shower. She had already loosened her ponytail and now stood under the gushing water, shampoo foaming in her long, auburn hair. Catching up, she turned on the tap two places down from her and let the water wash over her sweaty body. 

The other player was half turned away from her, head bent backwards as she washed her hair. While observing, her own hands moved across her skin that was tingling under the hot water. With soapy fingers she traced across her belly, circling her navel briefly, before gliding further down. Her fingers ran through her soaked pubic hair and onto her clitoris, whose sensitiveness was reflecting her arousal. 

“Can you please wash out my hair? I have overdone it with the shampoo and now it’s all in my eyes…” Startled, her gaze snapped upwards, away from the naked body in front of her. Her opposite held her hands in front of her eyes, standing half turned away from her. “Sure, no problem,” she replied after a short pause, relieved about not having been caught. She took three steps forward. 

Water from the shower head splashed against her face. 

She gripped the other woman’s hair in her neck and pulled it through her fingers. The foaming shampoo seeped from the wet strands, down the naked back. She followed its path along the inward curvature of the spine, over the slope of the buttocks, between the apple shaped cheeks and down the thighs and calves, ending up around the ankles and soles of the feet. 

Her opponent took a step backwards, pressing her shoulder blades against erect nipples. Her bum rubbed against her own tense pelvis. A hand pushed in between the closely merged bodies directly onto her vulva. Exploring fingers found her clitoris and parted her labia so that warm water swirled around the opening to her vagina. 

The middle finger rubbed her swollen clit, making her thighs tremble. She moaned, her lips just a hand width away from the other player’s ear. Her opponent increased the tempo with which the energetic finger circled the purple pearl. An orgasmic shiver ran through her body and she gripped the waist of the woman in front in order to keep her balance on the slippery tiles. 

“Are you going to come to my place afterwards? I’d love to learn more about your forehand technique…” she whispered into the other woman’s ear. Her opponent laughed and shut off the tap. Then she turned around, gesturing to follow her back to the changing room. “Sure, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in coaching…” 

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