Wild Swimming

It wasn’t far from the edge of town to the river with its tranquil meadows so they had spontaneously decided to go for a stroll. As usual they had met up in a trio to review the week with tapas and wine. They continued their conversation on the gravel path winding through high grass, past the odd tree and soon out of reach of the sounds and impressions of the city’s outskirts. 

“Shame that summer will be over again soon,” Alex sighed, gazing towards the slowly descending ember of the sun. Maria nodded. “I wanted to get away on a beach break, but not sure I’ll get something in a hurry now.” Ariane gestured in the direction of the slowly winding river next to them. “Why venture that far? I used to go swimming right here in the river with friends.” 

She veered off the path and cleared a way through the brush, down a bank to the water’s edge. Bemused, the other two followed her. Shortly after they reached a narrow pebble beach, from where Ariane looked at them triumphantly. “Well, it isn’t Lanzarote,” Alex objected. “But we’ve got the water all for ourselves,” responded Ariane. “Anyone else coming for a dip?” She started taking off her shoes, followed by her shorts. 

“I’m in,” Maria joined her, pulling the summer dress over her head. Her friend had already taken off her t-shirt and wasn’t wearing a bra underneath as usual. Her final item of clothing were her knickers, which she now discarded before making the first careful steps into the water. Maria only hesitated briefly, then took off her bra and panties and followed her. Perplexed, Alex looked on. 

When she was submerged in the river up to her knees, Ariane turned around and called out to him: “What are you waiting for, it’s not that cold!” Meanwhile, Maria dived head first into the rippling waves. Alex sighed: “OK then, how can I resist this group pressure?” He took off his shoes and t-shirt and quickly pulled down his trousers before following the two women into the water naked. 

Satisfied, Ariane grinned at him. 

She slipped into the water, gliding on her back. Her body was relaxed and floated on the surface as if defying gravity while she pushed away from the shore with slow motions of her legs. Her thighs opened and closed in a languid rhythm against the resisting water, gradually moving her onward. Alex followed her with powerful arm strokes. Snorting, Maria surfaced beside them, shaking her wet hair in their faces. “Refreshing, isn’t it?” 

Ariane let her naked body sink to the ground so that her feet touched the floor. Covered by water up to her waist she stood in the stream and rubbed the splash from her eyes. Maria did the same, her breasts sparkling in the rays of the late sun. The river reached up to Alex’ navel as he joined them. “Are you always that happy to see us?” Ariane asked with a cheeky smile, glancing at his loins. 

The clear river water granted a kaleidoscopic view of his semi erect member. “Hmm, to be honest …” he began hesitantly. “Don’t worry, the pleasure is all ours!” Maria added. “Quite impressive, with the water being a bit cold and all,” she teased. Ariane turned towards the shore and asked: “I’m heading back, are you coming?” Taking long strides, she waded out of the water, each step revealing more of her rosy cheeks. 

In passing, Maria brushed against Alex’ purple glans that had now surfaced completely. He followed her and they reached dry ground where Ariane was waiting for them already. “I’d fancy giving you a blowjob,” she greeted Alex. “If you don’t mind.” The sight of his two female friends naked, water dripping down their shimmering bodies, had made his penis hard as a flag pole, rising up in front of him. “Don’t mind doesn’t quite describe it,“ he replied. 

Smiling, Ariane crouched before him. 

She gripped his cock at its base with her right hand and let the fingers of her left run over his taut testicles. “Do you want some too?” she asked while looking up at Maria who still stood next to them, observing the proceedings with fascination. Not hesitating, she sank to her knees beside her and put a hand on Alex’ behind. Ariane pointed his stiff rod in her direction. Maria parted her lips, letting them glide over the glans and down the shaft. 

When she released his penis from her mouth, it was wet from her saliva instead of cool river water. Smirking, Ariane pulled the cock over to herself and began licking it up and down. Maria joined her and soon their tongues were wrapping around each other and the hard member. Soft moaning from above hinted at the ecstatic pleasure their male friend was experiencing under their attention. 

Ariane straightened up and tightened her grip around his shaft. She closed her mouth over his glans and started masturbating Alex. The tip of her tongue played with the small slit that was already exuding a sweet aroma. Maria kissed the tense inside of his thigh while her hand fondly kneaded his buttocks. Her inquisitive tongue explored his scrotum, then working its way up to his navel, past Ariane’s busy wrist. 

“You take him,” she prompted her. Ariane let go of Alex’ cock so that Maria could hold and slide it into her mouth. Savouring the sensation, she slowly let it glide back and forth over her tongue, lips closed gently around the pulsating shaft. She sensed that he was close to ejaculation already, stirred by the previous firm massage. “Oh yes …” he murmured, his fingers taking hold of her curly hair. Maria felt Ariane’s slender hand on her spine, radiating calm and spurring her on in equal measure. 

Determined, she started sucking him more intently, which further amplified her own arousal. The tip of her nose burrowed into Alex’ wet pubic hair as she nearly took his penis’ entire length into her throat. Twitching, his pent up sperm unloaded and splashed into her mouth repeatedly. Ariane’s hand glided under her chin and onto the pulsating testicles while they carried out their work. The tension in Alex’ legs subsided and his grip of her hair relented. Maria released his cock from her mouth and took a deep breath. 

From the side Ariane pulled her over, giving her a big kiss on the cheek. “That was hot!” she exulted. “I could do with another glass of red now”, she suggested. Alex and Maria agreed. They got dressed, their skin still damp but tingling after the unexpected dip. Hand in hand they helped each other up the embankment and onto the path that lead them back towards the edge of town. 

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