Waiting for Departure

First coffee of the day in hand he dropped onto a seat in the departure lounge. It was still relatively quiet as the first flights were only just resuming. Between the packing and the long inbound journey he had only been able to close his eyes for a few hours last night. Accordingly he felt somewhat detached from his own body. Furthermore, the harsh light and the constant humming and droning of the people and appliances around him did their part to lend the situation a touch of the surreal. 

As always when he was deprived of sleep and his subconscious claimed a larger part of his mind for itself, he existed in a state of languorous arousal. No longer did he carry any morning wood around with him, but he was nevertheless aware of the swollen member and palpitating testicles inside his tight boxer briefs. 

Lost in thought he cast his eyes through the hall. 

The rest of his bench had remained empty as he was sitting at the edge of the waiting area. Next to him began the shopping arcade which seemed to take up nearly half of the entire terminal. He took a sip of coffee from the paper cup and gazed into the clothing store that lay about ten metres distant directly in front of him. Apart from a sales assistant dressed in black who was leaning on the counter, herself looking out of the shop, it was still empty. 

He stopped short. Had she stared directly into his face as his eyes had wandered over her? Slowly he let them trace backwards. Now she stood in front of the counter, her hands crossed behind her back. One foot was set in front of the other so he could marvel at her female silhouette. No doubt – she was observing him, the same way he was looking at her now. Enthralled he put the half empty coffee down, took his small suitcase in hand and walked over to the shop, towards her. 

“Good morning! Can I help you?” she smiled at him. 

“Hello!” he replied. “Maybe. I thought I’d pass the time browsing here for a bit.” He took a dark grey, slim cut pair of trousers from the rack. “Over there is the changing room, if you would like to try something on,” she informed him. “Of course we can also send anything to you that you don’t want to carry on your trip.”

Thanking her he entered the small changing room. Putting his luggage down in the corner he closed the heavy brown curtain. He had just taken off his shoes and trousers as the curtain was pulled to the side again by a fraction.  

“We also have this one in a similar style.” She held a light grey pair of cotton trousers towards him on their hanger. “Oh, but I assume they will be too tight.” With an austere expression on her face she looked down towards his crotch. A substantial bulge that had been growing over the last couple of minutes. “I am afraid we only have this size. Maybe I can make a little more space?” 

She entered the small room and pulled the curtain shut behind her. 

Presently he felt her placing a warm hand directly on his member and caressing it through the thin fabric. His hands gripped her hips and began pushing her tight skirt upwards. 

Bending down he brushed her shoulder length light brown hair to the side and kissed her long, pale neck. Pulling sharply with both hands she lowered his underpants. Then she placed her left on his bare buttocks while the right gripped his stiff cock and began rubbing it firmly. 

Meanwhile his fingers had found the edge of her black tights and had slid inside them. Tracing along her tender skin they slipped under the seam of her panties. They grazed through her thick bush until they discovered the moistness at the opening of her lips. He spread them before delving inside with his middle finger, pushing it up to its base into her hot slit. Wetted by her juice he pulled it out again and proceeded to rub her firm pearl.  

She took her hand off his bum and instead gripped his balls resolutely while pushing his soft foreskin back and forth over the hard glans. Their lips and tongues met and entangled in fiery arousal as their hands feverishly worked each other’s genitals full of relish. 

Both were so horny this morning. 

They had found each other in this perfect moment, letting themselves go completely in the unknown hands of their counterpart. His left on her back he held her tightly as she wrapped a leg around him and gave in to her orgasm. 

Her gash was now entirely open for him. In turns he drove his fingers inside her before circling her clitoris again with gentle pressure and steadily increasing tempo. She clutched at his erect cock and dug her fingers into his arse again. Her heedless vigour forced a pained moan across his lips. 

After her climax had run dry she let her leg sink down to the floor. Wordless she took the white handkerchief from the breast pocket of her blazer and put it over the tip of his cock. Then she began masturbating him again. They looked into each other’s eyes until he ejaculated shortly after. His semen soaked the fabric in surges, turning it translucent with wetness. 

She folded the handkerchief together and put it away while he got dressed. Then she pushed the curtain aside and he took his suitcase so that they left the changing room together. 

“Maybe you will have more time on your next trip to try different things?” Her hand touched his. “I hope so,” he replied. “I am travelling quite a bit lately. Until then perhaps.” “Have a nice flight!” she wished before he turned around, walking towards the next display to enquire about his gate. 

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