Under the Rain Shower

She stripped off her swimsuit as the water began pattering onto the tiles. Just one afternoon at the beach and she could already trace where the thin fabric had hidden her skin from the rays of the sun. Tomorrow she would switch to a bikini in order to ensure a more even tan. It would have to last for the rest of the year after all. 

With an outstretched arm she turned down the temperature of the shower before stepping into the rushing rain with her entire body. A walk-in shower was one of the small luxuries she enjoyed savouring on holidays. 

“Are you coming in too?” she called through the bathroom door she had left ajar. 

A moment later her boyfriend peeked inside. “Do you need someone to scrub your back?” he asked while eyeing her naked body unashamedly. “Amongst other things…” she replied with a salacious grin. He stepped into the room and took off his swimming trunks. While she observed him, his cock started to rise. As he joined her behind the glass wall, his erection was already horizontal and still reaching upwards, twitching towards her. 

She handed him the shower gel and turned around. A fresh fragrant cloud with a mango aroma blanketed her as he spread the foam onto his palms. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders. A tingling ran through her body as they slowly glided down over her upper arms and then upwards again onto the sides of her neck. 

With a satisfied sigh she raised her arms to steady herself against the slippery tiles. She dropped her head to her chest, allowing the hot water to stream through her short hair and over her face. Completely shrouded by the caress of the warm rain and his soft hands she let her thoughts come to rest and focus only on her body. 

She only realised how aroused she had become as his hands reached onto her breasts, brushing against her hard, sensitive nipples. He had observed the sudden tremble as well that had run through her body. He let his fingers slide down from her boobs over her belly onto her loins. 

“Shall I put it inside?” she heard him whisper into her ear. 

“Yes, please…” she responded and extended her bum towards him. He gripped her waist with both hands and leaned against her. As the full length of his dick pressed between her buttocks, she noticed how hard he had become. His pelvis lifted off her butt again. Instead he grabbed and spread it open now so that hot water started sputtering over her anus. Two fingers pushed against the tight hole and massaged it with gentle but assertive pressure. 

She closed her eyes and opened her legs wider for him. It required all of her concentration to relax against her body’s reflex and not to cramp up as first his middle finger bored into her, joined shortly after by his index finger. With circular motions he loosened her entrance until he managed to spread his fingers by a fraction inside her. 

He followed up by placing his hard glans against her hole and pushing into it. 

The pain of penetration roused her onto her toes, but he held her firmly at the hips. Unrelentingly he thrust his cock into her again and again in steady, wide swinging motions. Eventually moisture from the membranes made her sphincter more pliable until it widened sufficiently. Her right hand found her clit and she began masturbating insistently. 

Like this she let herself get fucked, the hammering piston deeply and firmly inside her arse while her own fingers drove her towards the peak with skilled precision. She swallowed water since she was gasping fast and heavily now. Apart from the rushing in her ears she was cut off from her surroundings completely, all senses focussed on the lust that was gushing out of her crotch and through her body. 

She came with a liberating moan. The waves of her orgasm cast over her while her boyfriend’s cock continued ramming her from behind. His hands seized her tits and dug into their soft flesh as he finally came as well, squirting his sperm into her bum. 

He pulled out of her and she turned around, putting her arms around his neck. She reached up to him on her toes and kissed him long and passionately. Then she closed the shower tap. They dried each other off in the large, fluffy hotel towels before enjoying an extended siesta naked in bed. 

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