It was about one in the morning when she returned home. He was already in bed and had dozed off but the rattling of her keys in the front door brought him back from his slumber. Shortly afterwards the door to their bedroom quietly opened and she snuck inside without turning on the light. A gentle gust of her perfume, mingled with a hint of wine, wafted through the room. 

He heard her getting undressed, letting her clothes drop on the floor next to the bed. In the dim light of the night that seeped through the blinds he could only make out the contours of her body. Freed from the bra, her breasts swayed in tune with her movements as she bent forward to take off her underwear. 

Naked she slipped under the duvet next to him. 

She turned onto her back, revealing her bare shoulders and collar bone. Her gaze seemed to be directed at the ceiling, although he couldn’t say for sure if her eyes were open or closed. Her breathing was deep and calm. At first it seemed like she was entirely still and had fallen asleep already. After a short while however he sensed slight vibrations of the duvet which covered both of them and observed the gentle sound of skin rubbing against cotton fabric. 

He noticed that her right leg was approaching his as she began to spread her thighs. Her breathing now came quicker and more erratic, intermingled with barely audible, yet in the silence of the bedroom unmistakeable, sighs. She turned her head sideways, away from him. Underneath the cover, the dance of the hand between her legs grew increasingly boisterous.  

He touched her bare shoulder and began stroking her softly. 

A moan from deep within her chest escaped her lips. She didn’t hold herself back anymore now but savoured the lusty caress of her own fingers with unrestrained fervour. The duvet over her knees rose and fell while her feet skittered back and forth on the sheet in her swelling impatience for the impending climax. 

His hand wandered downward, laying bare her breasts. Her nipples were hard under his fingers’ searching touch. He rubbed her right nipple between thumb and index finger, giving it a pinch before gradually pulling it upwards, then twisting it clockwise. A shudder ran through her body and a gasp signalled that the dam had broken. 

She let her orgasm take over freely, moaning, whimpering, with twitching legs and fingers whose every touch set off fresh explosions in her vulva, shooting like dazzling lightning bolts through the nerves of her body, strained to the point of bursting. With relish she extended the aftershocks, letting them wash over her and slowly ebb away. For a while she lingered on, caressing her delicate and tender lips, lost in thought with her eyes shut. 

His penis was rock hard, but he did not touch it. “Good night,” she said with a smile in his direction that made her teeth glint in the darkness. “Good night,” he replied and closed his eyes. 

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