Two Stairs Too Far

If only she had waited for the lift. The young guys who were smoking their joints on the second floor had blocked her way and unfastened her bra before she could even make a sound. Quickly their searching hands had found her panties as well. They slid them down so far that two hard glans could attack her labia at once. Hastily she reached behind her to at least keep one of the cocks away from her still dry hole. But more she couldn’t do to still control events.

Bent over the handrail she stared down the last steps she would have had to descent to get outside and on the way to her friends. Then this thought was suddenly interrupted by the abrupt entry of the first cock into her slit. Faster than she liked she began to moan and react automatically with rhythmic movements of her hips to his urgency.

Her cunt was now so wet that the sucking noises of her penetration echoed through the entire stairwell.

One after the other the men grabbed her hips from behind, fucked her, and left their sperm deep inside her. Soon she wasn’t sure anymore how many it had been, and her entire body trembled in rising and ebbing orgasms. All smells mingled on her breath, the smoke, the sweat, the semen and her own juice.

Scarcely had her longest peak so far subsided, when she felt a finger drilling into her as yet untouched rose. She was about to turn around and protest, as both her arms were pinned to the railing and a hand covered her mouth. One finger was followed by a second and her entrance dilated slightly.

That was enough, and a hard bell-end took the place of the massaging fingers.

With a thrust that drove her loins against the balustrade, the demanding rod forced its way past her cheeks into the already tightening hole. The pain brought tears to her eyes, but nothing more than a deep sigh emerged from her lips that were sealed by the hand over her mouth. Every thrust made it easier for the muscles in her colon until they finally gave up resistance altogether. Now she could concentrate on the enjoyment of this new experience.

As before all men surrounding her wanted to partake of this intimate hole of hers. Once again she was filled by multiple warm ejaculations until heavy droplets of sperm formed between her legs, seeping from her twat and arsehole.

At first she barely noticed when it was all over and the staircase around her empty. Exhausted she sank onto the steps and straightened her dress over her knees. Where her underwear and strappy shoes had gone, she could not retrace anymore. But she hoped that they had found new owners as mementos. She at least would not forget this evening.

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