The Volleyball Match

“OK, the third set goes to you, damnit!” As promised she set about settling the wager there and then. Two against one, she had bitten off more than she could chew with that one. Her knees in the sand, she unfastened the bikini top at the neck and back and handed it over to the first of her opponents. He pulled his swimming trunks down to his knees and revealed his hard cock. It had increasingly stiffened after each exchange and with each point won. She took it in her hand and began licking his salty balls. As he started to moan in anticipation she closed her lips around his bell-end and slowly inserted him into her mouth.

His impatient team-mate grabbed her hair from behind and moved her head back and forth. Faster and faster it moved until her mouth was flooded by a surge of semen. She had barely swallowed to catch her breath as she was pushed down face first into the sand. Then a hand roughly pulled the bikini bottoms down her thighs. “For the match point I earned more than a blowjob!”, she just heard her opponent exclaim, before he drilled his dick into her sun tanned bum.

A burning pain shot through her abruptly widened sphincter.

She gasped, throwing up a handful of fine sand over her lips and cheeks. Her rose, only lubricated from the sun oil and the sweat of the preceding duel, was quickly rubbed sore by the hammering rod. The muscles in her anus resigned their resistance thrust by thrust and the pain made way to a feeling of languorous lust.

She bent her head backwards and drew the fresh sea breeze into her lungs. Exhaling a fervent moan, she pushed her pelvis to drive the cock even deeper into her arse. She raised herself onto all fours and bent her back into a downward curve to present her adversary with the best angle of attack. While she was being fucked so hard and energetically, her first opponent kneeled in the sand in front of her. He took her by the chin and gently stroked her hair. His member was still moist from her saliva and dangled between his tense legs, half erect and tempting.

The final thrust into her behind nearly caused her to topple over forward. Her face pressed against the abdominal muscles of the man in front of her. She couldn’t really feel it, but she imagined how the semen of the second man shot into her colon while the testicles, pressed firmly against her labia, were pumping still further batches through his shaft.

When he withdrew from her, exhausted, she sank onto her knees and to the ground. Her bum landed in the warm sand that still reflected the blazing heat of the sun from the day passed. Lost in thought, she only nodded as her fellow players turned around once more and in leaving shouted back: “Tomorrow evening here again, for a rematch? Double or nothing!”

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