The Spa Holiday

It was their first stay in the Ahr valley. The hotel with spa in which they were planning to recuperate between trips and hikes through the mountains and vineyards was busy at this time of year. They were glad therefore to snatch two seats for dinner in the restaurant at the table of an older gentleman.

“My pleasure”, he replied with a smile. “I am always delighted to welcome new guests in our region. I live in town and like to come here for dinner and to enjoy the spa.” During the meal they exchanged their stories and he waxed lyrical about the beauty of the landscape, even graciously offering his services as a tour guide. “It’s at its most picturesque late afternoons, when the heat has subsided and the grapes glow in the evening sun. I’ll pick you up from here at five, just wait for me in front of the entrance by the street.” Once they had finished dessert together, their new acquaintance took his leave. They themselves retired to their room to spend a peaceful first night of their holiday.

After ample relaxation in sauna, steam room and swimming pool, they were full of zest for action in the afternoon when they got into their host’s car. He drove them on a winding route through the valleys and mountains, occasionally stopping at a particularly scenic spot to take in the landscape. Higher and higher the roads twisted until the sun already started setting when they pulled in on a scarcely travelled country path. It furnished them with a view down the vineyard covered slopes and onto the whole valley beyond.

He waved them to follow him.

“Up there is my favourite spot. If I was a painter, I would set up my easel there! You can leave the bag on the seat, there won’t be any car burglars straying her.” After a short ascend through the vines they reached a small plateau. “Shall I snap you two together with your mobile phone?” After he had taken a series of photographs of them with the man’s phone, he put it into his trouser pocket. Then he took his own camera to hand which he had carried around his neck all day.

“So, and now we are going to take a few pictures for my own collection. Get undressed, please.” The couple stared at him in utter bewilderment. “You can also walk back to the hotel on foot of course. There should be another half hour of daylight left.”

Confronted with this choice, the man grudgingly took his t-shirt off while his wife unbuttoned her blouse. As he pulled down his pants, she was already stripped to her bra and knickers. Ashamedly she was looking into the camera which had captured every step of her exposure.

“The underwear as well, please. I said undressed, and that means naked in my book!” The man opened his partner’s brassiere, enabling her to slide it off quickly. Meanwhile he lowered his underpants and laid them down on the grass beside him. She glanced at him briefly before taking off her own panties.

Now they stood fully undressed in the fading light in front of their photographer’s camera.

“Please turn around as well. Yes, just like that, and now spread your legs. See if you can reach the ground with your hands. Keep the legs straight. Yes, that looks great from behind, with the sun on the horizon. Good, I’ve got you in the can, you can get dressed again.”

Still in shock from having been blindsided like this, the couple put on their clothes and followed him back to the parked car without a word. After their driver had stashed the bag they had left behind, the mobile phone and his own camera in the boot, they climbed into the back seat and let themselves be chauffeured down into the valley to their hotel in silence.

“I’ll keep your mobile phones while you stay here. We’ll always be on the road together, so you won’t need them. I’ll pick you up again tomorrow. But this time at ten in the morning already, because I want to shoot a series with the sun at its peak. And please shave off your pubic hair before. See you then, sleep well!”

With those words he left the couple behind and drove off down the dark road, as they entered the illuminated foyer hand in hand.

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