The Portfolio

The old factory building ticked all the cliché boxes. The grey walls were covered in graffiti, rusty steel cables protruded from crumbling concrete pillars and the first dogged plants were spreading in joints and gaps. “You are right, this makes for a great backdrop,” Nadja observed, looking around the empty hall. “Is this a good spot, here in the light?” 

“Yes, I’ll just start shooting. Feel free to look around further. I’ll adjust the settings for the conditions in the meantime,” Michael replied while pointing the lens at her. The rapid staccato of the shutter echoed through the spacious room. “I have shot here before, but it was lighter then, and without a model.” 

Nadja turned around to him and leaned against one of the pillars that was supporting the partially collapsed ceiling. “Model is overselling it I think,” she laughed into the camera. “Apart from holiday photos I haven’t posed before. And I wouldn’t really count mobile snapshots for Instagram.” Michael lowered the camera and looked at her. “I am searching for something natural for my portfolio. Posed portraits and studio settings I’ve done plenty of lately. So it’s perfect that you agreed to do this!” 

He lifted the camera to his eyes again and pressed the release. 

“Could you take off the leather jacket? It’s reflecting the light a bit too much,” he prompted her. Keeping her in his view finder, he adjusted the exposure setting. Nadja took off the jacket and put it down onto the dusty floor beside her. Running her fingers through her light brown hair, it cascaded over her narrow shoulders as she turned towards the camera once more. She wore a tight fitting plain white v-necked t-shirt reaching to the waist of her jeans. The outlines of her bra could be traced through its thin fabric. 

“Thank you, that looks great!” Michael encouraged her. “I like this clash of human form and skin tone against the dull concrete with the riot of graffiti colours in the background.” He took a couple of steps to the left and right, taking pictures of her from various angles. Crouching he asked her: “Would you mind taking off your trousers too? Your bare arms make for the ideal contrast. It would look even stronger with the legs as well.” 

Nadja loosened the buckle of her belt. “OK, if it’s just for your sample folder?” She pulled down the zipper and started pushing the jeans over her hips. Michael continued taking pictures and replied: “Of course, apart from the prints for you I won’t make any copies. But maybe it’ll cause you to consider modelling professionally sometime!”  

Nadja had crouched down in order to untie her shoelaces. 

She took off her black Vans and white socks, then rid herself off the jeans entirely. Straightening up, her hands slid along her thighs and up her slender body before she lifted her arms and cast her hair onto her back. “Shall I take off the top too?” she asked into the lens of the camera. “Sure,” Michael answered, his pulse pounding. Nadja lifted the white t-shirt from the seam of her mauve panties up over her flat belly and navel. The pale lilac fabric of her bra shimmered in the evening light falling into the hall through one of the broken windows as she pulled the top over her head before letting it drop to the side.  

Coyly she smiled into the camera. “You look wonderful,” Michael assured her. “The photos are going to be fantastic. Look!” He walked up beside her and showed the last pictures he had taken on the digital screen. “Thank you,” Nadja responded. “Those are really nice. You have a good eye. I like how you manage to capture the atmosphere here.” Michael smiled at her. “You are just the perfect muse for me!” 

He moved back a few steps and lifted the camera to his face again. “Would you get fully naked as well?” he asked her through the lens. “OK,” came her brief answer. Evidently nervous, she opened her bra in the back and slid it down her arms. She cast it onto the pile of clothes next to her. “Turn your back towards me,” Michael told her as she hesitated. “And now take your briefs off as well.” 

She glanced over her shoulder as she slipped the panties down her bum. 

They dropped around her ankles and she stepped out of them as she turned around to her photographer. Entirely exposed, Nadja granted free view of her naked figure and remained still in the rapid blinking of the camera lens. It captured the soft contours of her body, uncovered among the sharp edges of the concrete surrounding her. Her wavy hair rested on her shoulders, guiding the gaze onto the curvature of her breasts. Her light nipples stood upright in the middle of their small areola, betraying the nervous arousal which had gripped her body. 

Nadja’s hands lay on her pelvis, still apart from a slight tremor of her fingers on the soft skin. Her rosy vulva pulsed with the warm blood pumping through her veins. A narrow strip of brown hair stretched to the edge of her smooth lips. Opened slightly like a fresh bud they allowed a glimpse of her moist insides. The creme coloured skin of her loins transitioned into the darker complexion of her thighs that were spread shoulder wide. Her long legs ended in delicate feet, standing on the dusty rough concrete.  

“Thank you!” Michael exclaimed. “These are the best pictures I have taken so far.” He lowered the camera and closed the lens. “There are so many ideas buzzing around in my head. I hope we can keep working together like this?” Nadja had bent down to gather up her clothes. “I’d like that,” she replied and got dressed again. “Will you show me your selection tomorrow? I’m curious already!” As they arrived back in town shortly after and parted ways for the evening, they had already made plans for their next sessions together. 

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