The Morning After

Their first night together had happened unexpectedly. They were still naked when he woke in the dim light of the morning. The unfamiliar bed was nevertheless snug and he could feel the warmth of her body close-by. Her scent enwrapped him like the duvet under which they had fallen asleep together after their fierce night of passion. 

“Awake already as well?” she asked while turning around to him. Her short black hair was a bit ruffled now which only made her appear even cuter in his eyes. “I make the best coffee in all of Hoxton. If you keep on your best behaviour, I might even let you stay for breakfast.” He grinned and kissed her on the tip of her nose. “Well, if that isn’t motivation to do my utmost,” he replied and put his hand on her waist underneath the blanket. 

“Show me!” she prompted him.  

She rolled over and lay on top of him with the full length of her body. Then she spread her legs and pulled her knees towards herself while raising her torso by placing both hands on his shoulders and stretching her arms. The duvet glided off her bare back and fell around her hips, revealing her to him in all her beauty. 

Her moist slit had opened up as she had sat down on him with legs apart. Now it pressed firmly against his stiff dick that had been eagerly throbbing for her since he had woken up. His foreskin was pulled back and the red, shimmering glans jutted out from between the dense black hair of her vulva. The intoxicating aroma of last night’s lust still clung to their bodies and was being effused afresh throughout the room by the grinding of their genitals against one another.  

“Can you please get me a condom from the nightstand? Top drawer.” He contorted his head backwards and felt around for the shimmering package. She took it out of his fingers, clamped one of the silvery corners between her teeth and tore open the foil while looking provocatively into his eyes that were flickering with desire. Then she pushed her pelvis backwards onto his upper thighs, leaving a moist trail along his erect member and taut testicles. His dick sprung upwards as soon as her labia released it. 

With her left hand she gripped his vibrating rod while her right placed the condom on its tip. 

The touch of her fingertips made him moan as she rolled the thin rubber down his hard penis. When she reached the base, she grabbed it firmly in her fist while massaging his pulsating balls. She leant down and kissed him on the lips. Their hot breaths swirled around in their mouths and their tongues entwined with animalistic urgency. Casting a determined look she let go of him and raised to her knees. Without hesitation she placed his glans between her labia and slid down on his shaft. 

His hands gripped her tightened upper thighs and his back arched against the mattress. Her full breasts swayed in the rhythm of her loins riding his rigid cock. Their horniness for one another had not been sated, so they unleashed the unbridled lust once more which they had tasted the previous night.

The first rays of the sun cast golden streaks onto her dark skin through half open blinds and let her hard nipples sparkle like jewels. She had braced herself with her hands behind on this thighs and fucked him with an arched back. The ridge of his glans was unyielding like a steel piston, grinding her insides glowing hot. Bursts of her energy shot through his shaft, exploding in his eyes. 

His fingers dug into her thighs as he came with twitching loins, bucking under her. 

The strenuous thrust vibrated through her body, setting off her own orgasm. She threw herself forward and fell onto the pillow with her hands, either side of his head. Their eyes met as the waves of their orgasms rushed through their bodies. When their vision cleared she sank onto his chest with her forehead, pausing for a long moment. His hands caressed her upper arms, her shoulders, her neck. Then she lifted herself off him and jumped from the bed. 

“OK then, you can have breakfast. The shower is down the hallway to the left, if you want to freshen up. I’ll put the coffee on in the meantime.” She disappeared through the door and he lingered on her bum before picking himself off the bed. When stepping from the shower shortly after he could already smell the fresh coffee and followed it, back to her. 

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