The Lust Next Door

At their first meeting in the hallway the new neighbours were just carrying the last moving boxes over the threshold. Accordingly the welcome had turned out to be rather brief, but the couple appeared to be very nice. She was confident to have been dealt pleasant cohabitants for her floor again. 

Over the course of the Sunday all sorts of rumbling and clattering reverberated over from the flat next to her. The walls between them were solidly built, but in an apartment building like this one would always notice if there was work carried our next door. 

Around ten she had gotten comfortable in bed with her iPad to pass some time. She wasn’t really tired yet after a mellow day but on the other hand it was too late already for any major undertakings. Under the thick duvet she had dispensed with the pyjama bottoms, instead just wearing the flannel top and plain white cotton panties. 

A creak from the other side of the wall caught her attention.  

Her new neighbours seemed to still be unpacking, she thought. The other flat was basically a mirror image of hers, so that the bedrooms lay adjacent to one another. The noise began repeating and she increasingly realised that it followed a rhythmic pattern. Suddenly her ears pricked up. It seemed as if she’d perceived a soft moaning, the gentle sigh of a woman in the early stages of arousal. 

Was her imagination playing tricks on her, stimulated by the cozy warmth under the duvet, the tender stroking of the soft silk against her bare thighs? Subconsciously she had felt increasingly erotic since crawling into bed. Browsing her Pinterest profile, searching for new underwear in her favourite shops. All those influences had made her increasingly aware of her own half naked body. 

“Ahhh…” a groan wafted over to her, unmistakeable this time. Her new neighbour was getting fucked. The rattle of a bed frame was now audible in clear unison with rising expressions of lust. Each deep thrust of her partner’s cock seemingly forced a moan from the woman and sent a dull vibration through the brickwork. 

She felt her moistness through the thin fabric of her knickers. 

Without realising her hand had wandered between her legs and onto her vulva while she listened intently to what was happening so close to her, only separated by a wall. Spontaneously she reached over to her night table, opened the drawer and took out her glass dildo. Firmly grasping it with both hands to warm up the cold, hard crystal shaft, she held it for a moment before gliding it under the covers. 

The unfamiliar woman next door was now enthralled in ecstasy, savouring her lust fervently. Finally she couldn’t hold back anymore herself. She lifted her panties to slide the smooth, glass glans over her swollen clitoris and between the moist labia with firm pressure. She had to reign herself in, so as not to draw attention to her own state of arousal. With quick and nimble movements of her fingers she pushed her briefs down to the knees. Allowing her to spread her legs wide enough, she inserted the dildo at last. 

It felt like a relief to be able to join the love making this way. Representatively for her side of the wall she let the stiff rod slip into her. Closing her eyes and listening to the sexual act between her neighbours, she took on the rhythm of their thrusts for herself. Her left hand played with her clit while the right penetrated her vagina in fast, deep drives. She rubbed the dildo’s bulbous head hard against the sensitive inner wall. It searched for and found all the spots that sent jolts of lust through her body. 

With a bucking of her hips under the blanket she came. 

While she twitched and jerked around the glass cock impaled inside, her left hand pressed down onto her mons pubis, offering stern resistance for her hips to throw their energy against. Only when the red mist in her head lifted and the muscles relaxed, she noticed the quiet around her. Her neighbours must have reached their climax as well and dropped onto the sheets exhausted. 

With a satisfied smile she pulled the dildo out and stroked her still moist and tender lips. She put the eternally erect glass member on the pillow next to her. Then she took her panties off entirely before turning off the bedside lamp. She was already looking forward to meeting her new neighbours again soon. 

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