The Flat Mate

Sounds of a television greeted them as they stepped through the front door. “I guess my flat mate is still up,” he observed. The short hallway opened up into the living room where a staircase led upwards. Stretched out on the sofa lay a young man their age with tussled black hair, dressed in only a t-shirt and underpants. 

“Oh, hello,” he exclaimed while his cohabitant manoeuvred his new acquaintance up the stairs. She grinned and waved at him. Her suitor led her into his room and closed the door. They kissed and began taking each others’ clothes off piece by piece. Before long they were both fully undressed. 

“I need the loo briefly,” she interrupted their foreplay. “Where is it?” “To the left at the end of the hall,” he gave directions. “Ok, back in a sec,” she replied with a wink and slipped out of the door. Instead of turning left towards the bathroom, she went back down the stairs however. 

Stark naked as she was she entered the living room. 

The second occupant of the flat still lay on the sofa as before. “Hey,” she greeted him. “Do you fancy coming upstairs?” He didn’t know whether to first admire her artful tattoos or her full breasts or the thick bush of her pubes. At the end his eyes remained captured in hers. “Erm, if that’s fine?” he managed to respond. “I insist,” she replied while pulling him up by the hand. 

Back upstairs she opened the bedroom door. Her initial partner lay stretched out on the bed, looking at them perplexed. “I am in the mood to be properly spoiled front to back today.” She turned around to the man she had in tow, who was standing somewhat sheepishly in the room. She rose onto her toes and kissed him with her tempting red lips. 

It became obvious how much he enjoyed the attention. While his member had amply filled out his briefs before, now his erection could barely be contained by the stretched fabric. Her hand glided onto his crotch and briefly massaged it from the outside before sliding underneath the waistband and gripping his hard-on firmly. 

Their spectator on the bed was equally aroused now. 

On hands and knees she crawled to him on the mattress while her second partner quickly stripped off. She snaked between the spread legs in front of her. Her tongue found the base of his shaft and ran up its entire length. Her hair cascaded forwards over his abdomen as his glans disappeared into her mouth. 

With relish she sucked his dick, tasting the sweet aroma of sperm which had trickled in anticipation from the small hole at the tip. Her own nectar had started flowing equally, as the man who had climbed onto the bed behind her was just discovering with his tongue. 

He licked her copiously while delighting in the heat of her genitalia against his face. His right hand massaged his own member which had swelled to its full size longing for her. Her sucking on his friend’s penis intensified and his shaft nearly entirely vanished inside her greedy gullet. 

Overcome by horniness he couldn’t restrain his own cock behind her anymore. He grabbed her by the loins and carefully yet without hesitation guided his rock hard boner through her open labia into the libidinously dripping vagina. Forcefully he began thrusting. His flat mate moaned under the devoted attention of her lips and tongue, bucking up against the bed. Their shared lover’s erotic body writhed on the phalluses that were buried deep inside her. 

Near simultaneously the male semen spilled into her mouth and pussy. 

She received both ejaculations within herself until their sources were spent for the time being. With a sigh of exhaustion the man behind her let go and dropped backwards onto the bed. Lithesome she slipped between the two heated bodies, caressing them with her hands and lips. “Do you feel up for more?” she asked enticingly as she felt reawakening twitches in their members already. 

“Always,” her first admirer replied and sat up. “But this time I’ll fuck you!” He pulled her leg over and knelt between her opening thighs. His penis rose before her eyes as he bent forward to kiss her on the mouth. She lifted her pelvis towards him so that he could penetrate her in one zestful swoop, holding the base of his shaft firmly within his fist. 

While he proceeded to pound her rhythmically and passionately, her hand searched for and found the second play mate whose stiff member was pining for her again as well. She gave him a sideways glance, licking her lips. Not needing a further invitation he knelt next to her and pulled her head with its open mouth onto his hard cock. She closed her lips around him and sucked him with salacious verve, alternately massaging his balls and buttocks as she went. 

The rod in her red hot cunt drove deeper and deeper into her core. Her opposite gripped her waist tightly in order to keep her positioned directly ahead despite the crashing impacts of his loins. Their bodies’ vibrations made all nerves tingle, sending electric impulses up to their brains. Unconsciously she wrapped her tongue around the pulsating shaft in her mouth, whose taut glans was achingly anticipating its release. With an uncontrolled thrust into her throat his orgasm unleashed. 

The sperm was still dripping from her lips as the second ejaculation shot into her slit. 

Satisfied both men sank onto the bed around her. “Are you going to lick me?” she asked. “I’m so close …” They looked at each other across her naked body. “Are you going to get her off?” the second flat mate enquired. “I’m on it,” his friend replied as he slid between her spread legs. He kissed her labia and slipped a middle finger into her vagina until it reached the firm wall behind her clitoris. With circular motions he massaged her inside as his tongue played with her pink perl. 

Her other partner sucked her stiff nipples and let his hands wander over her tingling skin. She lifted her arms above her head and closed her eyes in order to get fully immersed in the tactile sensations. A wet and warm tongue ran over the sensitive skin of her armpits, causing her to tremble. The sexual tension that had been building up inside her all throughout the night exploded in one strike. With rising and falling climaxes her orgasm surged through her body. Exhaling a sigh she finally opened her eyes again, smiling.

Her lovers pulled the duvet over her warm body. Tightly entwined and languorously exhausted they fell asleep together. 

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