The Excursion

Mara is grinning already. She has lured Julia with them into the woods today in order to watch her getting fucked in the mouth. Following a brief nod to her partner, confirming that she is ready to start, she grabs her friend by the pony tail and forces her into the dust on bare knees. Then she twists her right arm onto her back, ignoring her protests. She pulls the straps of her top down over the shoulders and unties her bikini top at the neck, revealing Julia’s firm breasts. Finally she gives her a slap on the cheek from behind and whispers into her ear:

“Open wide, Julia. You want to drive back with us, don’t you?”

Stunned, Julia stares at the erect member that is now swinging in front of her face. She no longer resists however as the shaft parts her lips and slides into her warm mouth. While Mara is holding her head from behind, she obediently allows herself to be pounded deep into her throat. When the semen finally shoots from the glans into her gullet, she swallows it with her saliva. Smiling, Mara turns Julia’s head towards herself and plants a big kiss on her glistening lips.

“I knew that you would be a very good girl. So you are allowed my pussy as well. Just stay on the floor like that.” Mara unbuttons her knee length jeans shorts and pulls them down her long legs. Without taking her trainers off she steps out of the trouser legs so that only white sports briefs now stretch over her mons. “Come here, lick!” she gestures Julia over. Her boyfriend presses Julia’s head helpfully between Mara’s thighs so that her moist lips are rubbing against the soft cotton fabric.

“Mmm, you make me really wet, Julia, did you know that?” With a deep look into her eyes Mara pulls her panties aside and presses her labia firmly onto Julia’s warm mouth. With rhythmic movements of her pelvis she massages her clitoris between the quivering lips. Eventually Julia opens them slightly to let the tip of her tongue circle the pulsing pearl. “Damn!” Mara exclaims with a sigh as her legs are twitching abruptly and she is clasping Julia’s head with both hands. “Lick me, Julia, lick me! Yes, please, carry on! Deeper, stick your tongue inside!”

Her boyfriend watches with a grin.

After a while he pulls out his mobile phone to capture this first sexual encounter between the two. Enraptured with each other, Mara’s head is bent backwards as she moans with closed eyes under Julia’s euphoric tongue, caressing her between trembling thighs. The taste of her friend, her smell and the heat emanating from her slit have Julia beguiled. In this moment she wishes for nothing more fervently than to experience her orgasm, bring her to the highest beautiful peak under her own mouth and kisses.

With a thrusting spasm of her hips Mara cums and sprays a gush of juice into Julia’s thirsty mouth, over red cheeks and lips. Julia clasps her bum and presses herself tightly against her friend, her lover. As the orgasmic waves ebb away, Mara bends down and gently strokes her brown hair. “Come, let’s go home, it’s getting dark. Tonight you stay with us.” Hand in hand the three of them wander back through the silent forest.

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