The Barista

The small corner cafe is always quiet on a Sunday since its customers mainly consist of employees from the surrounding offices. Lisa Marie herself wants to wind down her weekend in a relaxing way. She has therefore decided to finally seduce the barista which she had her eye on for a while. With delight she discovers through the large windows that she is the only customer. He is keeping himself occupied alone, filling fresh beans into the chromed espresso machine.

He greets her enthusiastically as she opens the door and enters the cafe. Wearing suspenders under her skirt without panties she sits down opposite the counter at the window. The two of them are having a friendly chat across the small room while he is preparing her order. She enjoys her black coffee in small sips in between bites of the sweet millefeuille while furnishing him with ample opportunity to admire her silky black shimmering legs. Her laced up red patent leather shoes direct his gaze onto her graceful ankles, until her skirt moves up while she crosses her legs, exposing her bare and glowing pink labia between her creme coloured thighs.

Her counterpart is left speechless so she takes proceedings into her own hands.

With scooched up skirt she gets up from her chair and wanders over to him behind the counter. She presents her naked bum and wet cunt to him for use and leans onto the marble worktop. Absorbed in thought she stares onto the deserted street outside as he strokes and caresses her.

After a while she looks over her shoulder. “I want you to really fuck me now, I need that today!” Barely has she finished the sentence as she finally feels a stiff penis pressing between her buttocks before sliding down with its head to the wetness of her pussy. She draws in the air between her teeth as he enters her. He really is as big as she had always imagined.

She grips the cold hard edge of the marble counter with both hands, knocking over a silver tin and cascading its contents over the floor. The smell of roasted coffee fills her nose as her breath answers in a steadily increasing staccato to the hammering of his cock into her slit.

Balancing on her toes she replies to the urging of his loins with thrusts of her own hips. Eventually they find a common rhythm and her splayed tube opens up to his rod entirely. Moaning and sighing she winds her pelvis under his thrusts. Finally his sperm gushes into her vagina in viscous surges and his previously gentle hands dig into her tense buttocks.

Relieved and exhausted she slides off his member and kisses him on the cheek before unhastily crossing the cafe. She steps out onto the street before pushing the skirt back down over her thighs.

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