Summer Camp

They had got acquainted quickly after meeting on the morning of the first day in the studio. Annika and Birte in their team shirts had made it easy to strike up a conversation about preferred trading methods, the impending championships and their experiences from previous summer camps. 

Most evenings they met to go running on the track followed by a jog through the nearby woods. This Friday they spent together accordingly in the humid heat. About half way through their route the two women had taken the lead. They were running next to each other a few metres ahead now. Their blonde ponytails bounced up and down with every springy step on the gravelled forest path. Through the form fitting lycra the lithesome movements of their leg muscles could be observed, from their firm calves up to the round curves of their bums.  

“I’ll pull ahead for a bit,” Torben turned to his co-runner, before setting about a short sprint to catch up to the two women ahead. He fell in beside them for a couple of steps until Birte joined him and they accelerated into the distance together. Annika slowed down so that she was next to Rouwen on the path shortly after. “Not in such a hurry either?” she beamed at him while wiping away a bead of sweat from her forehead. “Nah, let those two go on,” he replied with a grin. 

“We’ll get there as well in the end.” 

It didn’t take long until they turned into the grounds of the sports centre. Across the final straight of the running track they aimed for the old gymnasium, around which the way led to the living quarters. They slowed to a light trot before stopping completely as they turned the corner. A bunch of retired sports equipment stood in line here. Bent over a pommel horse they saw Birte, getting fucked by Torben.  

“Oh, that explains the hurry!” Rouwen laughed and glanced over at Annika who stood next to him, flustered. Birte moaned as Torben began thrusting into her deeper and harder. All she could do was hold on to the apparatus more tightly and look over to her friend. “Do you fancy a fuck too?” Rouwen asked Annika bluntly. “You mean here and now?” she replied, still perplexed. “Sure, why not!” He put his hand on her bare waist between the white top and the seam of her leggings, guiding her forward. “Take your trousers off. And your panties as well.” 

Annika stood opposite her friend, whose eyes reflected the lust that the cock had unleashed in her pussy. She pushed the grey trousers down to her ankles before untying her shoelaces one after the other. Standing on the asphalt just in her low socks she pulled the leggings over her feet. Birte’s moaning flared up again, sending an electric impulse through her own vulva. With a quick yank she took off her white briefs and let them drop to the ground. 

She leaned onto the leather of the pommel horse next to her friend. 

Their forearms touched and they looked at each other. Annika drew her breath in sharply but let her eyes rest in those of her friend as Rouwen’s stiff member entered her vagina. It had already made her very wet the previous evening, imagining Birte having sex, while they had made plans for seducing the men this weekend.  To witness it here and now while getting fucked herself, skin on skin with her best friend, was even more erotic than she had dreamed of. 

Without noticing she was moaning in unison with Birte now, who gasped and bit her lips, pressing her forehead against the old leather of the apparatus with closed eyes. Her body trembled and she came in waves while Torben shot his semen inside her, smacking against her tensed buttocks with his loins, time and time again.  

Annika pushed her hips back, towards Rouwen’s hammering thrusts. 

She savoured the physical stimulation his pounding piston caused inside her. Sighing she shut her eyes and let herself drift, feeling her friend’s warmth beside her. She felt a tender hand stroking her forearm. “Come for me,” Birte whispered into her ear. Flashes danced in front of Annika’s closed eyes and her legs shook, so that Rouwen’s hands on her waist barely kept her upright as she was overcome by her orgasm. 

Only when she was able to breathe steadily again and feel the hard ground under her feet did she open her eyes and turn her head to the side. From behind Rouwen held her firmly by the hips, his cock sunk deep inside her cunt, as his pulsating balls pumped spates of sperm into her. The friends looked at each other when the men finally pulled their members out of them simultaneously. “That’s how we’d imagined a cooldown session with you,” Torben remarked while putting his still glistening penis back into his shorts as the women got dressed. 

“Hah,” Birte responded. “But don’t think this is part of the routine now. Tomorrow morning it’s back to the usual training regime in the gym. See you then!” The female friends turned around and started striding away in the direction of their dormitory. “I believe you have a couple of things to tell me,” Annika said walking and took Birte’s hand. 

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