Security Check

What else could she have done? The linen sneakers, cropped shorts and her low cut top really didn’t leave much room for hidden weapons. Nevertheless the red light above the security gate insisted on not letting her pass. “Would you please follow me?” the young lady in the dark blue uniform of the local personnel prompted her.  

With a sigh of resignation she entered the small room at the end of a short corridor that she was pointed towards. The woman followed her inside and closed the door behind. Apart from two plastic chairs and a table the room was functionally sparse. “Please take off your clothes. I have to conduct a full body search as part of a manual security screening.” 

The traveller pulled the top over her head and put it down on one of the chairs. Her small breasts were tanned by the sun so that the areolae barely stood out from her bronze skin. She bent forward to untie her laces, took off her shoes and placed them under the chair. With a brief glance to the waiting officer she opened the button on her thigh length shorts before pulling down the zip. Using both hands she slid the pants over her smooth legs and finally stepped out of them completely. 

 “The briefs as well please,” the security agent instructed her. 

The small white triangle which had still covered her crotch until now was curving above her lips, tracing the narrow gap as she looked down at herself bashfully. “Is that really necessary? I mean, what could I possibly conceal like this …” Unfazed the lady stared into her eyes. “If you prefer, you can be referred to the border police for further questioning. But most likely you will not be able to make your scheduled flight in that case.” 

“Not how I expected my holiday to end,” the young woman murmured to herself as she peeled the skimpy panties off her hips. Apart from a diffuse strip of lighter skin left by the string of her thong, only her vulva stood out in sharp contrast to her tanned thighs. The smoothly shaved skin tingled as if goose bumps had run over her. Hastily she crossed her fingers in front of her crotch. 

“Thank you. Place both hands on the table please and keep your feet apart at shoulder width,” the officer directed her. She had just assumed the required position as she heard the door opening behind. Glancing over her shoulder she saw one of the male security agents enter the room who had supervised the gate earlier. “According to the guidelines, each body search must be conducted by two personnel,” she heard the woman exclaim next to her. 

The snapping of latex gloves made her turn around again sharply. 

“Please lean forward so that I can begin with the examination,” the female official continued straight-faced. The travelling woman’s pelvis just reached the edge of the table, which pressed into her skin as she bent horizontally. Her breathing accelerated as soon as her nipples touched the cold tabletop and began to harden. She winced as a smooth finger traced from her labia up and over her tight sphincter, leaving behind a moist trail. 

The vocabulary she had learned for her holiday didn’t suffice to understand what the female officer remarked to her co-worker. The meaning however became clear immediately. He stepped up closely next to the exposed woman, palpating the telltale slit himself. “I assume you do not mind if my colleague examines you further,” the lady at her side asserted. The traveller nodded, then shook her head, confused by this situation which had drawn her in so unexpectedly. 

She rose onto her toes as the hard rod penetrated her. It was glowing hot and felt welcome as it forced its way inside her. The man’s hands laid on her waist und pulled her closer to him. With energetic thrusts he began fucking her. A suppressed moan escaped her lips as her clit sent sparks across her skin from rubbing against the table. 

The female security agent had slipped a hand under her skirt. 

She was evidently enjoying the scene herself. For the first time she smiled as their gaze met. Lustily she bit on her lower lip. The holiday maker couldn’t and didn’t want to hold back any longer. She began swaying her hips in unison with the challenging rhythm of the man behind and inside her. Her fingers gripped the edge of the table and she gasped with every deep thrust which nearly lifted her off the ground.  

Her legs trembled. She pressed her forehead firmly against the tabletop as she reached her climax. Half a dozen further poundings shook her body while her muscles began to relax. Then the man came as well. She felt the twitching and pulsing of his shaft against the tightly contracted walls of her vagina. 

“Everything checks out. You can get dressed and proceed to departures,” the woman informed her as she was straightening her skirt. The traveller turned around and watched as the man pulled the condom from his still erect member before zipping up his trousers. She put on her clothes and followed the two officers back to the security gate where her hand luggage was waiting for her. 

“We wish you a good flight,” they bid their farewell. “Thank you,” she replied and continued on into the departure lounge where her plane was already announced for boarding. 

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