Room with a View

He opened the curtains in his room and was disappointed. The outlook was over the inner courtyard rather than the forecourt with its view of the city’s evening skyline. In his price category the panorama apparently wasn’t included. “Well, can’t have everything,” he thought with a sigh and was about to close the curtains for the night. At that moment the light went on across the courtyard one floor down. It seemed to be a flat as the interior had a more personal flair than his perfectly decorated but interchangeable room. 

The bed in the middle of the room was made but looked much more inviting than his with its starched and tightly tucked white sheets. He shook his head about being so nosey and turned around. His suitcase stood untouched in the corner, so he went about storing its contents on the shelves. “Now for a shower and then to find a restaurant nearby whose kitchen is still open,” he laid out his plan for the rest of the evening. He had already undressed down to t-shirt and briefs when he realised that the curtains were still open. Hastily he went over to the window and cast a look downstairs. 

The bed in the room opposite was no longer empty. 

The woman who lay stretched out on the duvet was dressed in just a t-shirt and knickers like him. Her head rested on a pile of pillows and she was seemingly controlling a screen he couldn’t see from his angle. A moment later she put down the remote control and placed her hand on her upper thigh instead, along the seam of her black lace panties. He felt the thin fabric of his briefs tightening over his dick. 

Quickly he stepped back from the panoramic window. He crossed the room, but instead of entering the shower he spontaneously pulled the key card from its slot next to the door and all lights turned off. Carefully he approached the window again and looked down into the flat opposite. The woman had pulled up her right leg and slowly stroked her thigh while ostensibly observing the screen. His erection hardened as he followed her fingers up and down her smooth thigh. 

Abruptly she drew both legs closer, placing her feet on the duvet. Lifting her pelvis up, she slid her panties down her hips. Carelessly she dropped them next to the bed. She ran her hands briefly through her curly hair before resting her head back on the pillow. Simultaneously she stretched and spread her legs, revealing her shaved mons that arched gently down to the approach of her labia. 

He reached into his briefs, pulling out his stiff cock. 

His other hand slipped under his warm testicles. He felt their wrinkly skin tightening as he slowly pushed the foreskin over his glans. With a firm grip he began sliding up and down the shaft. Meanwhile the woman on the other side had entirely given in to her lust as well. Her left hand had delved under her t-shirt and was caressing her breasts. With her right she played her pussy, dancing along her labia and teasing its hidden pearl. 

The sight of her exposed beauty had turned him on so much that he soon sensed his orgasm rising through his body. His swollen balls pulsed in his hand and his glans glimmered purple in the moonlight casting over him. The shaft in his fist was hard as steel, glowing from the unchecked friction. Although he couldn’t hear it, her ecstatic moans echoed through his head as she massaged her breasts ever more fervently while rubbing her clitoris with the full intensity of her fingertips. 

With a twitch of his loins a massive load of his semen spurted out in a high arc. He gasped, continuing to jerk his tortured shaft even more vehemently. The woman in the room opposite twisted and turned on the bed in the throes of her own orgasm, her head buried in a pile of pillows. He ejected further splashes until the mist of his lust began to lift. His sperm rolled down the glass pane in lazy droplets. The woman had risen and stepped up to her window. Still half naked she briefly looked up into the night sky before closing the curtains. 

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