Race to the Top

“Are you tired already?” She had climbed onto one of the rocks that lay scattered next to the path and turned around to him. “I bet my behind that I’ll be at the top before you.” Her grey tank top was pushed up and stuck under the lower seam of her black sports bra, revealing her sun tanned, flat stomach. “Do you mean that literally?” he panted as he came to a halt next to her. “Sure!” she winked back at him and already took off again. 

Spurred on like this he ran after her. She really was swift like a gazelle, but that hadn’t been the only reason why he stayed behind her since the path had narrowed to a single track. From five steps behind he had a wonderful view of her perfect bum in the dark grey running shorts that ended directly below the curve of her buttocks. With every step of her cushioned trainers he observed hypnotised as the tension spread from her ankles through her calves up her thighs and into her bottom before being released again. 

His own tension had shifted more and more into his loins and lent him renewed energy now. 

As the trees thinned out and the cusp of the hill came into view, he used the widening path for a sprint to catch up and then draw level with her. 

“Oops, you are still there?” she asked him with a side glance. To his relief there were at least some pearls of sweat visible on her forehead now. He felt her hot breath on his skin. “I better hurry up then!” With those words she set about her own final spurt and pulled several metres in front of him again. The last steps up the incline turned into a fierce duel. Finally he had to concede defeat as she jumped triumphantly onto the wooden viewing platform in a single leap. 

Out of breath he dropped onto the sparse grass and stretched his arms off to his sides. Shortly after his girlfriend appeared in his field of vision, nothing but the steel blue sky behind her beaming face. “Well, it was pretty tight. You should at least get a reward for finishing second.” While talking she rid herself off her shorts followed by her panties, bringing out the milky white skin of her bum and loins. Spreading her legs she stepped directly across his face. He stared up between her long legs, into the opening pink mounds of her vulva.  

Then she lowered herself slowly onto his face. Her scent already enveloped him when her warm lips finally touched his. He opened them hungrily in anticipation of her flavour. His tongue slid straight into her vagina and he savoured the aroma of her juice, mingling with the salt of her sweat in his mouth. 

He licked her intimately and she pressed her sex firmly against his face. 

Caught between her fervid thighs he could only hear her muffled moaning. The twitching of her loins spoke loudly however. 

Abruptly she thrust her hand between her legs. She lifted herself from his face briefly to angle her right leg. Satisfied she lowered herself onto him again, but this time she presented his waiting tongue with her sphincter that was already coated from his dripping saliva and her own moistness. She began masturbating while he licked her tight hole. His rough tongue rasped over the tender skin and its tip borrowed its way in-between the muscle that was twitching in the throes of her swelling orgasm.  

Ultimately she came, intensely and impetuously, and robbed him of his breath between her taut buttocks which had squeezed around his nose and mouth. After her climax was overcome, she stood up and took a step to his side. She smiled down at him. “From up here on the winner’s podium there’s a fantastic view. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of it on our next run.” With that she laid down next to him in the grass and took his hand while they both looked up into the clear sky, exhausted and contented. 

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