Quiet Evening

They had finished dinner and moved on to the comfortable part of the evening. Cozy in just their t-shirts and underwear they were ready to hit the sofa. “I’ll get some drinks,” she said and walked over to the kitchen. He turned on the TV while his gaze followed her. 

As she returned with filled glasses in hand he was still browsing through menus. He watched her approach and bend over to place their drinks on the low side table. “Found anything interesting yet?” she enquired. “No, can’t make up my mind,” he replied. “I think I know why that is,” she answered. “You seem … distracted.” She directed her eyes at his bulging crotch. 

“If you are preoccupied like that, we’ll hardly be able to enjoy a good movie together,” she scolded him. Blushing, he replied: “You really turn me on in just those knickers.” His briefs seemed to strain even more to contain his growing erection, now that he had been caught. “Jump on the sofa for me. Hands and knees,” she ordered. 

He put the remote control down and obeyed. 

Assuming the position, his t-shirt fell forward. The black boxer briefs stretched tightly over his tensed buttocks. “Relax,” she said in a calming voice that only served to achieve the opposite. His balls tightened as his dick kept growing towards its full potential. “Just follow my lead,” she reassured him. 

Pushing his t-shirt over his bare back with her left hand, her right reached underneath and cupped his bulge. Her fingers lightly traced their way along his spine while she felt his shaft throbbing. With gentle pressure she pushed his lower back downwards until it was arching in a smooth curve. “Exactly like that,” she praised him. 

With both hands she reached under the waistband of his boxer briefs from either side. Gradually she pulled them over his cheeks until they reached his perineum. Then she lifted the front over his fully erect penis and continued sliding them down until they had reached his bent knees. 

Laying her left hand on his buttocks, her right gripped his horizontal shaft. Using long, slow strokes, she began masturbating him. His tightened foreskin slipped back and forth over the bulbous glans whose rim was shining in a deep purple. 

“Move your legs a bit further apart,” she instructed. 

Having gained access, her left hand slipped down between his buttocks. Her middle finger crossed his puckered sphincter that was radiating heat. As her digits reached his taut testicles she closed them in her fist, gently but firmly compressing them. He winced softly. 

Letting go of his twitching member, she picked up a glass from the table. Holding it underneath him, she took the penis into her left hand and guided its tip into the cool liquid. Then she continued with steady, long strokes of his shaft. Before long his loins began to twitch. His breathing became hasty and irregular, carrying moans and sighs that grew more audible by the moment. 

“It’s okay, you can cum now,” she stated matter-of-factly. Keeping him still in her solid grip, she felt the strain of his shuddering orgasm running through him. His milky white spunk spurted into the waiting glass, mingling with the liquid inside and turning it cloudy. Alternately squeezing and letting go of his throbbing member, she controlled his release until its last drop had been extracted. 

“Right, time for a movie!” she exclaimed, giving him a playful slap on his bare behind. While he pulled up his briefs and sat back down, she put the glass on the table and reached for the remote. Snuggling up next to him, they settled down to choose their entertainment for the night. 

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