Party Guests

Without a word she had slipped her satin panties into the pocket of his jacket as she had passed him and stepped through the large double doors. She only glanced at him briefly with her big brown eyes as he found her standing in the corner right next to the staircase down into the sweeping gardens. Then she turned around and pulled the hem of the dress up over her cheeks, revealing to him both of her holes with parted legs.

He could barely believe it, but she didn’t even stop here. Instead she lifted the dress wholly over her head, dropping it carelessly by her side. Apart from black stockings and suspenders she no longer wore anything. He couldn’t help approaching her to feel the silky soft skin of her labia. Over the murmur of voices from the house he heard her whispering: “Please fuck me!” as she bent forward, bracing herself against the wall.

Her hands grabbed the ivy clinging to the bricks of the old house.

Without another look behind she pushed her pelvis towards him. Her back bent so that her protruding nipples brushed against the green leaves in front. Fingers trembling with arousal and nervousness, he pulled the zip of his trousers down. Then he reached inside, where his pulsating penis was already waiting for the hand to free it. He slid the cotton fabric of his underwear down over the throbbing testicles before taking them and his erect member out completely. With a final step he approached her closely. He grabbed her hips from both sides while pressing his rock hard cock between her buttocks. Immediately she began wriggling her loins, massaging his shaft.

He already feared having to spill his semen straight over her bum and hastily gripped his rod to shove it between her spread thighs. His taut bell-end slipped unresisted between her labia which already dripped with her dew. She held still to let him find the entrance to her grotto before allowing him to enter deep inside her, standing on the tips of her toes. Both of them couldn’t suppress a long sigh as his rod forced its way into her pussy.

He began fucking her with short thrusts and her pelvis replied in gentle counter-motions.

She knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold his sperm back for long and gingerly let him continue. With her left hand she reached between her legs und briefly felt his tight testicles while he was all the way inside her. She traced her finger tips over his shaft as he pulled out before beginning to rub her clit.

Soon she couldn’t contain her own lust anymore. Her quivering muscles contracted around his throbbing pipe. With a sudden gasp his seething semen shot through his shaft and deep inside her. She felt the pumping of his juice through the lips surrounding him. Patiently she waited until every drop was spilled and his member had flagged half way before lifting herself off him. With a smile she turned around to him for the first time. She dropped to her knees to pick up her dress from the ground. Straightening up she let it glide onto her naked body before walking past him up the staircase, disappearing back into the light and the babble of revelling voices.

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