Opposite Tables

The small gelateria had put tables outside for the first time this season. She sat facing his way opposite a female friend, studying the menu, as the waiter delivered his order. A brief glance at his  sundae seemed to settle her choice. She leaned back in her chair and looked over to him. For a short moment their eyes would have met, were it not for their mirrored sunglasses obscuring such insights. 

Smiling she turned back to her friend, crossing her legs which she had stretched out from underneath the table. Casually she put her hand on her right thigh which was covered half way by her pastel yellow summer dress. He picked the wafer that was embedded in the artfully sculpted cream topping and took an appreciative bite while admiring her long dark legs. Her delicate feet in open sandals revealed a hint of the caramel coloured skin of her soles. 

Her fingers were adorned by several rings. He had picked up his spoon and was savouring the ice cream’s taste on his tongue while observing her hand leisurely running over her velvety skin. With slow movements she gradually pushed the hem of her dress higher and higher up her thigh. Her foot began rocking up and down, setting the muscles along her leg in motion. 

The waiter brought her order to the table. Like on his, juicy strawberries piled up on her sundae, crowned with a generous cream topping. She turned her head towards him, smiling and reflecting the sunlight in her shades. He returned her gesture before taking the first of the red fruit between his lips. Sitting up slightly in her chair, she placed her right foot onto the cobblestone pavement. 

Her knees were open by a hand’s width. 

The summery dress had crawled high up her leg. Relaxed she chatted to her friend across the table as they enjoyed their ice cream. From his direction the view of her graceful body was unobstructed. Hidden behind the glasses, he let his eyes glide admiringly from her ankles over the athletic calves onto her thighs. Her light dress clung to her curvaceous hips and accentuated her waist which expanded into her bosom in a bold arch. 

Her glittering smile drew his gaze onto her red lips. He noticed that her face had been aimed in his direction for a moment. As she turned towards her dish again, she drew her right foot backward until the sole was propped against the leg of the chair and her toes were pressed onto the pavement. Slowly she swung her knee outward, causing her dress to part open which had been gathered up in the bend of her thigh. 

The ice cream began to drip from his spoon as he stared spellbound upon her vulva. A small strip of moist pink flashed between espresso coloured lips, raising his pulse. He felt an intense throbbing in his loins as his flushed blood was pumped into his penis. Her own excitement pulled her hand up the thigh and between her legs, where her fingers briefly delved between her lips, brushing against her clitoris. His cock twitched longingly. 

She closed her knees and pulled the hem of her dress down. Her friend stood up and walked into the café while she remained sitting at the table. For the first time she looked at him openly and smiled. At long last the spoon found his mouth and the molten ice cream dripped over his tongue. He leaned back in his chair and returned her smile. Getting up, she covertly waved at him with her fingertips as her friend returned. Together they walked down the street and disappeared from view around the next corner. 

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