On the Night Bus

“Let’s go to the back.” They had just scaled the narrow staircase to the upper deck as the bus set off again. She pulled her boyfriend along by the hand past the few passengers that were travelling on the line at this hour. The rocking of the accelerating bus let her hips swerve left and right between the rows of seats to keep her balance. The tightly fitting bordeaux mini skirt accentuated the curvature of her bum perfectly. It was framed between her black nylon thighs and the waist long leather jacket. 

Having reached the last bench she shoved him into the corner by the window before sitting down close by his side. She nestled up to him and put her left leg over his crotch, thereby pushing the edge of her skirt further upwards. It revealed the lacy hem on the hold-up stockings underneath.  

“Seems you are looking forward to bed just as much as I do,” she purred into his ear. 

Over the course of their long evening together the sexual tension between them had risen continuously. Now every touch by the other sent a spark into their lust centres. At least since she had sat between his legs waiting by the bus stop his penis had been erect to bursting point. The rubbing of her upper thigh over his swollen testicles now was nearly a torment. 

“Yes, though I am not really tired at all,” he replied looking into her eyes. She felt his chest rise and fall with increasingly deep breaths. “I thought we could relax and cozy up at home. But you still seem a bit too… agitated,” she whispered and placed her right hand directly onto the zip of his now far too tight jeans. “I guess I better take care of that beforehand so that I can enjoy you at leisure later.” 

Quickly she opened his belt buckle before popping all buttons one by one with her left hand. She kissed him on the mouth in order to stifle any opposition. Meanwhile she glided into his underpants and pulled out his stiff cock along with the taut balls. Without hesitation she slid her long slender leg off his thighs. She scooted back onto the next seat and bent forward so that she could plant her warm lips directly onto his glowing glans which had pushed through his tightened foreskin. 

Her opening mouth slipped over his penis which projected upwards, straight and hard like a flagpole. 

As he felt his girlfriend’s sleek tongue curling around his shaft, he moaned. Nervously he bit his fingers that had formed into a fist in order not to attract the attention of the other remaining passengers. With every stop that they careened towards at typical night bus speed, he prayed that nobody was going to get on and move to the upper deck. 

He was long past certain that he would be able to interrupt his lover, even if he wanted to. The dedication she displayed while sucking and licking his cock and simultaneously massaging his throbbing dick and pulsating testicles with her tender hands made him a passenger to his near irrepressible lust. 

His rod was now painfully hard and he felt that the explosion of his ejaculation was imminent. 

“Mmmm…” he heard her moan from his crotch. It was the same humming tone she had licked the strawberry sorbet off his spoon with earlier in the restaurant. His loins bucked upwards underneath her and the sperm shot through his genitals. She drove her middle finger underneath his testicles and in-between his tensed buttocks onto the heated hole. Then she kept it there, rubbing his ring with soft pressure. He poured into her mouth, one spurt of semen after the other. 

She swallowed his juice while holding the slowly softening member between her lips. Finally she licked over the tip of his glans before straightening up to him again. “Are we there yet?” she asked with playful innocence and peered out of the window. “Oh, good timing. We have to get off at the next one!” She stood up and walked towards the stairs to the lower deck while he hastily buttoned his trousers. 

“Hurry, I want to get into my warm bed,” she spurred him on cheekily as he finally caught up. Together they stepped off the now nearly empty bus onto the pavement and walked the few steps home to finish off their long night. 

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