On the Fitness Trail

Finally she had left the busy part of the fitness trail behind, where the weekend runners trundled about. It was so quiet here that she could strip down naked for the next part of her workout on the abdominals and leg muscles. Just as she had bent down stretching so that her palms reached the grass, she felt a hand on her tensed cheeks. It had to be due to all the hot blood rushing through her head, because rather than turn around in outrage, she opened her legs by taking a step to the left. Inhaling deeply, she felt an erect member entering into her wet snatch.

She gripped her ankles and grit her teeth.

Damn, this guy was a size above her boyfriend. She had not had to endure such a painful extension of the muscles in her vagina for a long time. Slowly but inexorably the hard glans channeled its way deep inside her.

She moaned as the male pipe stuck inside her up to its base and the stranger’s pelvis pressed against her buttocks. A tremor raced through her entire body and a gush of wetness coated the unknown cock that had forced itself into her, uninvited but unresisted.

Two hands grabbed her waist tightly from both sides and her stomach muscles tensed in anticipation of what was to come. Slowly the penis slid out of her. Inch by inch it left her tube behind, which contracted in relief. Finally only the warm head stuck between her labia. Her juice dripped down her thighs, down to her cramped fingers that desperately held on to her ankles.

Without warning the stranger thrust into her again, and this time he didn’t give her the chance for steady preparation.

Lubricated by her own juice she had to endure the defilement, as the time for any protest had now passed. Hard and determined the stiff rod pushed into her, again and again, and she let it happen to herself. Stars danced in front of her eyes. She had to breathe in and out more and more quickly, so churned up was her otherwise hardened body.

She nearly saw herself as an observer, her eyes stolidly directed in front with her head bent backwards. Before her was only the green of the silent forest. In her mind she imagined how he had followed her, observing her every step from behind, only waiting to find her here by herself. And she had made it easy for him. She wouldn’t have changed any of it however, because now she came, harder than for a long time. She moaned and sighed, she sobbed and trembled, and she felt warm sperm being flushed into her cunt. Every drop of it she savoured.

She hardly noticed as the stranger finally slid out of her, his member now gently clasped by her sheath. In a fluid motion she straightened up and stretched her hands above her head. She climbed up onto her toes and gazed into the blue sky. As she turned around, the woods around her were deserted as always. Slowly she got dressed again and started running back on the familiar path. 

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