On the Campsite

High season was over and despite the still glorious sunshine this section of the beach was pretty quiet now. From the last hotel over to the cliffs the area was designated for clothes free sunbathing, making the small campsite in the adjacent eucalyptus grove popular with nudists.  

A handful of camper vans still stood in the entrance area close to the shower facilities and a few tents were scattered under the trees. He had parked his van half way down the path to the beach. On his way back from the small restaurant on the main road, she turned out of the shower block a short distance in front of him.

She was naked aside from black flip-flops and carried a small towel with a satchel in her hand, swinging it back and forth elatedly. They had met a couple of times before at the beach and on the campsite, exchanging friendly greetings. His gaze had always lingered on her as she walked on, admiring her slender, close to thin body. It had stayed surprisingly pale despite the intense summer sun.

Walking in longer strides, he increasingly caught up with her. 

She looked back as he had nearly drawn even with her on the trail. “Hello, how are you?” she greeted him. “Still here as well?” She waited briefly to let him fully catch up to her. “Yes, it’s now so tranquil here, I think I’ll extend for a couple of days,” he replied. “Great,” she smiled back. “Are you going down to the beach again later?” 

He stopped next to his camper van. “Yes, I just wanted to grab my stuff. Do you want to go together, if you can wait for a moment?” he asked, looking into her big brown eyes. “Sure,” she replied. Without further invitation she stepped past him as he opened the side door and climbed up the steps into the camper van. His eyes fixed on her narrow buttocks, he followed her inside. 

She sat down on the edge of his bunk bed, arms planted behind her on the mattress. Her legs were raised on the tips of her toes in her flip-flops. “It’s very cosy in here,” she commented, looking around the small room while rocking her knees. She smiled up at him, her thighs opening and revealing her smooth labia. In the dim light of the drawn curtains he noticed the faint outlines of a bikini on her skin for the first time, curving around her firm breasts and narrow hips. 

“Do you want to fuck me before we go?” she asked him bluntly. 

“I like it in my bum.” Her feet slipped out of the flip-flops and she lifted her legs to present her pink puckered hole to him. “Can you lick me before? Otherwise it’s too tight for you.” Not hesitating, he dropped to his knees in front of her. “With pleasure,” he answered, placing his hands on her dainty butt. She dropped onto her back on the bed so that he could push her bent legs against her torso by her thighs, spreading her buttocks. As his lips touched her tight, star shaped ring, her fingers started playing with her pussy. 

She rubbed her clitoris, and soon he noticed how the wetness from her slit seeped down to the hole which his tongue was working with eager desire. He let his shorts and underwear down to his knees, prompting his stiff cock to spring into action. He was as horny for her as she was for him. Since he couldn’t hold out much longer, he pushed his right middle finger into her hot sphincter, massaging her muscle in winding movements until it turned increasingly relaxed and pliable.

Then he stood up and rested his knees on the edge of the bed. He pulled her towards him until his twitching member pressed against her reddened opening. He gripped his rod at the base and pushed his glans through her already closing hole. “Ouch!” she complained and spread her thighs so that she could look directly into his face as he penetrated her. The pain reflected in her eyes and she bit her lower lip, but her nimble fingers only toyed her gash even more vigorously as he drove his member’s full length into her arse.

He grabbed her by the ankles. 

Resolutely he put her legs onto his shoulders before leaning forward, holding himself up on his hands either side of her head while he fucked her. She glared at him doggedly, but it was more lust rather than ire at the pain which his unyielding cock was igniting inside her. Her deep brown eyes turned him on so much that he couldn’t control his hammering loins any further. Since their first encounter, the casual greeting between strangers, he had dreamed about being deep inside her, feeling her slender body under and around him. Shooting his semen inside her.  

With that thought he came, his testicles throbbing, firmly pressed against her buttocks, as his sperm flooded her body. Nearly motionless she held out beneath him. Her eyes rolled backward so that he could only see the white in them anymore. Her hand floated quivering above her wet slit, between whose flushed lips the swollen pearl of her clit peaked out. With a deep sigh she released her tension when he finally pulled out of her. A wide smile lit up her face.

She brushed a strand of wavy brown hair from her forehead and pushed it behind her ear as she raised herself up on the bed. “Now I just need a refreshing dip in the sea and I’ll be content!” She slid into her flip-flops that were still lined up next to the bed and opened the door to the outside. “Now will you finally get undressed and come?” she laughed, already disappearing down the path by the time he was ready to follow her. 

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