Lunch Break

‘Want to make out?’, the message popped up in the corner of her screen. She quickly closed the window and looked at the clock. Time for her lunch break. Taking off her headphones, she got up and left the office which was already half empty. He waited for her by the staircase. “Let’s make a proper lunch break of it, shall we?” he greeted her, opening the door and following her downstairs. “Sounds good,” she replied. “I’m starving.” 

They arrived on the ground floor and left through the double glass doors of the lobby. The street was bustling with fellow workers, grabbing a quick bite or taking in some of the mild air. Rather than popping into one of the many bistros on the main road, they veered into the next side street however, leading to the back of the office buildings. Another quick turn and they entered a narrow alleyway. 

Behind a row of recycling containers, narrow steps led down to a basement door that looked like it hadn’t been opened in a decade. Turning around, she pulled him into herself and they locked in a heated kiss. She leaned backwards against the steel door and started undoing his belt. His hands meanwhile reached around her waist and onto her bum, firmly squeezing her buttocks and gradually lifting up her dress. 

Once she had opened his trousers, her hands slid under the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down, springing free his erect penis. Their lips reluctantly parted as he reached into his back pocket to produce a silver condom wrapper. Opening it with his teeth, he watched her as she lifted her dress to take off her cotton knickers underneath. The thin rubber rolled down his throbbing shaft as he observed her fingers teasing her clit beneath a patch of curly dark pubic hair. 

She got up on her toes to allow him to enter. 

His bulging head parted her lips, pushing past them and into her narrow canal. The strain on her muscles felt so good, sending shivers up her spine. She wasn’t wet enough yet to easily let him inside, but the condom’s lubrication helped. Good, because she didn’t feel like waiting, and neither did he. The buzzing of air conditioning units masked her shallow moans as her lust took hold of her. 

Grasping her tightly by the waist, her colleague penetrated her with short, sharp thrusts, gaining an inch at a time, until he was fully inside, their pelvises conjoined. He could feel her drip now, the juices of her arousal moistening his achingly taut balls. Monday couldn’t have come any sooner. Their lips met again, tongues rasping over hungry teeth before entwining in rapturous lust. 

She lifted up her right leg, sliding it along the rough fabric of his jeans until reaching his exposed behind. Skin on skin, she kept him close, his manhood filling her. She arched her back, her shoulder blades pressed against the hard door while her hips were grinding against him. His hot lips explored her neck as she bent her head backwards, aimlessly gazing at the high-rise buildings surrounding them. 

“I’m cumming …” he gasped, pounding her fiercely. Every push and withdrawal was agony, his glans a powder keg of tingling nerve endings. There was no holding back his semen, the release washing over him in a wave of blissful ecstasy. She smiled as she felt his body spending itself against her. “Tomorrow you’ll lick me,” she panted into his ear, slowly relaxing back against the door. Her naked bum came to rest against the cold steel as he pulled out of her. 

She picked her panties off the ground and slid them back on while he took off his glistening wet condom. “I’ve got to get back to work,” she said, passing him and walking up the stairs. “I’ll ping you tomorrow,” he replied, still buttoning up his pants. “I’ll be waiting,” she answered from the top of the staircase, quickly raising her dress and flashing her knickers at him before disappearing from view. 

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