Long Drive

It was still early in the morning when they stashed their luggage in the trunk and got into the car, travel mugs of coffee in hands. “If I fall asleep, do wake me up for a driver change,” she reminded him of their agreement. “Don’t worry,” he replied. “We’ll have to make a stop anyway when I run out of coffee.” They put on their seat belts and joined the flow of traffic for the first leg of their trip to the coast. 

Once they reached the motorway, she made herself comfortable by taking off her canvas sneakers. Then she pushed back the seat so that she could put her feet up on the dashboard. Her legs were bare up to the hem of the gym shorts which accentuated her hips in a retro 80s style. With her head turned slightly towards the side window, she rested her hands in her lap. 

Her shallow breathing suggested that she had soon fallen into a light sleep. From the corner of his eyes he noticed occasional movement. Her fingers bent and stretched and her feet twitched as she seemed to be caught up in a dream. She lolled around in her seat while her eyes traced back and forth behind her closed eyelids. He grinned as he pictured what excitement she might be experiencing while they drove along this otherwise tedious motorway.  

A good hour passed like this until she woke up. For a moment disoriented, she looked out of the window, then at him. “Nice dreams?” he asked. “Yes, I imagined we were already at the beach,” she replied with a reminiscing smile. “I hope you didn’t forget the sunscreen”, he quipped. “Someone was nice enough to rub it on me,” she answered with a smirk. “Maybe it was you?”

He contemplated momentarily. 

“Can’t really be, I’ve been here the whole time.” She laughed. “Well, then I have to thank the mysterious stranger next time. He was very thorough. I didn’t catch sunburn anywhere.” She pulled up her t-shirt, exposing her belly up to her boobs. “Not anywhere?” he inquired, casting her a quick look. In response she untied the cord of her shorts and pulled them down her groin. 

A faint line indicated up to where her underwear or bikini bottoms usually reached. Right now however she wasn’t wearing anything that would have obscured the view of her bare mons which she had just shaved the night before. She turned towards him. “Look, he didn’t miss a spot.” For a second longer than was advisable at their speed, his eyes lingered on her hand as it gently stroked her labia. 

With a sigh he steered his gaze back onto the road. “As long as you are well looked after while I am busy, everything is well I guess.” She giggled. “And if not, I can take care of myself.” She pushed the shorts down all the way and slipped them off so that she sat fully exposed on the passenger seat next to him. With one leg on the dashboard and the other on the floor she spread her thighs, opening her labia wide enough to allow free access for her fingers. 

He recognised the scent of her arousal as she began to play with herself. Languorously one of her hands ran up and down over her tense body, from the knee to the loin, over the belly and onto the breasts with their button-like nipples. Meanwhile the other hand rubbed the entrance to her slit, dipped into the wetness that dripped from her warm inside, and teased the clit whose red shine reflected the blaze of her lust. Moaning she pushed her bum forward on the seat while pressing her head against the rest behind. 

Her legs began to tremble. 

“I think we are causing a traffic jam behind us …” he observed, half in jest, after a look in the rearview mirror. He had become so hard himself that the slightest rubbing of his engorged glans against the underwear sent ecstatic shivers through his body. “Next service station in 10 miles,” he read from a sign as it rushed past them. “I think we’ll take that.” 

Her hands had fully succumbed to her passion. With a firm grip she massaged her breasts while her own fingers were fucking her to the hilt and her thumb played her pearl. The vibration of the road beneath them spread from her rear through her spine. She closed her eyes. Her legs pushed her backwards into the seat as her orgasm overwhelmed her. 

He looked over, savouring the display of her body writhing in the throes of her lust. The pent up heat inside her flickered through the tight enclosed space, bringing pearls of sweat to his own brow. As she gradually came to rest, relaxing into the passenger seat with a sigh from the depth of her chest, he turned his full attention back onto the road and headed towards the next exit. 

“We could both do with a break now I think,” he said. She nodded in approval while pulling up her shorts. “And afterwards you are my passenger,” she replied. “But don’t fall asleep, I want to be entertained for the rest of the way,” she continued, placing her hand on his thigh. 

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