IT Support

With a sigh he dropped to his knees and crawled under the desk on all fours. “Fuck!” he cursed as his head bumped against one of the metal braces. His two colleagues sniggered. It was part of his unofficial minor tasks to look after technical issues in their small office, for example when one of the old beige boxes had network problems. After some plugging of cables followed by a reboot the confirmation came from above: “Seems to be working again, I’m in!”  

Her crept out from underneath the desk and now sat between the two women on the floor. 

“I wonder what other services you provide?” Anna asked, looking at him mischievously. At the same moment he felt the warmth of a female body in his neck as Sophie pressed her thighs against his back. “He definitely has a great bum, as we’ve just seen. Let’s have a look what other qualifications he can provide,“ he heard her voice from above while she stroked his short hair with her fingertips. 

Her hands were placed onto his shoulders and she pushed him to the ground from behind. If he had offered any resistance, it would have been subdued from the outset. Sophie kneeled over him and pinned his upper arms underneath her shins. Her crotch pressed against his face, rubbing rough jeans fabric against his nose, lips and chin. Meanwhile Anne leaned onto his knees so that he ended up fully stretched out on the carpet. 

“Does he have the right tool on him?” he heard Sophie joke, muffled between her thighs. “Have a look!” He felt how his trousers were unbuttoned and slender hands reached into his briefs. “Oh, that looks quite useful,” he heard Anna’s voice this time. With a quick jank his trousers and underwear were pulled over his hips so that his bare buttocks were now rubbing against the coarse carpet. 

A warm hand wrapped around his rapidly stiffening penis.  

He regained his sight as Sophie got up from his face to lock the office door from the inside. Anna smiled at him before pushing her straight blonde hair to the side and bending down to take his cock in her mouth that was framed by glowing red lipstick. From behind him he heard the rip of a zipper. As he bent his head backwards he just saw Sophie pulling her jeans and panties over her ankles. Her pussy was decorated by deep brown curls that suited the fuzzy head of hair framing her face. 

Anna also stood up again, leaving traces of her lipstick on his now fully erect member. She lifted her knee long pleated skirt, revealing the skimpy white cotton panties nestling between her thighs. Her thumbs slid under the seam and she removed her underwear, opening the view onto pink labia accentuated by a blonde triangle. 

Simultaneously both women stepped with open legs over his body that lay outstretched on the floor and dropped to their knees. Above him he saw the glimmer of moist lips through Sophie’s dense hair. He smelled the scent of her arousal on each of his deep breaths. Anna took his twitching cock in her firm grip and guided it under her skirt, between her thighs. He felt her soft lips against his hard glans before delving into the wet hole as she lowered herself onto him inch by inch. 

Anna’s buttocks pressed against his tensed upper thighs as she took his full length inside her. 

A long, deep moan left his throat but it was swallowed up shortly after by Sophie’s labia which jammed down onto his open mouth. With ravenousness he thrust his tongue forward, diving into her vagina which waited for him between spread legs. 

Anna’s hands propped her up on his pelvis as she started riding him. Her tight slit milked him with energetic thrusts of her loins. His steely rod and the almost painfully wide bulge of his glans unleashed her lust. She fucked him hard and recklessly against the rough floor. 

Animated by the furious goings-on in front of her and the tongue in her gash, Sophie grasped the head of her colleague at the back of his neck, forcing him even closer against her vulva. She rubbed in circular motions back and forth against his lips, thereby massaging his nose between her butt cheeks. His tongue licked her fervently and she felt his hot breath entering her vagina. The nerve endings of her clitoris sent fireworks of arousal into her head and she closed her eyes as a drawn-out sigh escaped her lungs. 

Pinging of incoming emails and notifications was left unanswered while the three colleagues were fucking. 

The sexual tension which had built up over the last couple of months between them discharged and they climaxed nearly simultaneously. It was the first splash of his semen that triggered the chain reaction of orgasms. While he flooded Anna’s glowing hot cunt, Sophie’s juice squirted into his throat. Her hands closed around his neck as she fell forward gasping. She felt his Adam’s apple bouncing up and down under her fingers as he greedily drank her nectar. 

Anna fell backwards and steadied herself with extended arms on his shins as she experienced her own trembling and quaking climax. The sperm of his final gush poured deep inside her. It mingled with her own juice into a gooey cream that flowed down his shaft and began dripping out between her lips. 

Exhausted they let go of one another. They sat together for a while longer on the carpet, trading kisses and caresses. Finally Sophie was the first to get dressed again. “Are you coming to get something to eat? After this hard day of work in the office I could kill a pizza!” Laughing her colleagues agreed. They packed their things and left to enjoy the evening in each other’s company at their favourite trattoria. 

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