Invite for a Drink

The bar was not busy this evening as the majority of guests usually consisted of business people who had already departed for the weekend. The more she drew the attention of those present when she entered the room by herself and took a seat at one of the corner tables. 

Her plain dark grey dress hugged her tall figure tightly. It ended half way down her slim thighs which shimmered black in the dimmed light. She crossed her legs and briefly let her hand run down her right calf to her high heeled shoe before leaning back in the padded chair. 

The waiter took her order and she cast her eye through the room. Most of the tables were taken by two people, but a few single men sat drinking and occupying themselves with various mobile devices. One of them had put his phone down however since her arrival. He looked over to her. As she met his eyes with a smile, he stood up, grabbed his room key and went over to her table after a short detour to the bar counter.  

“May I join you?” he asked politely. 

“Sure,” she replied with an inviting smile and crossed her legs in the other direction to make space for him. Shortly after they had introduced themselves, the waiter returned, serving two long stemmed crystal glasses. “I thought we could toast a successful week with a bit of champagne,” he winked at her, raising his glass. “The week is not over yet,“ she responded with a cryptic smile. 

A short hour later they found themselves in his room.  He was already laying stretched out on the bed, naked apart from white briefs that barely covered his erection. “Not bad,“ she commented sardonically. Then she reached behind her neck and pulled the zip of her dress down until she could let it slide over her shoulders and to the ground. Underneath she revealed her nude body, entirely uncovered apart from black silk stockings. 

She had pulled back her straight brown hair, showing off her long neck. Her flat chest was adorned by a pair of small, firm breasts with dark areolae. Both hands resting on her narrow waist, her graceful fingers directed the gaze between her thighs. A black triangle of cropped pubic hair crowned her pink lips. 

She planted her left leg on the edge of the bed and slowly rolled down the first silk stocking.  

He observed every movement, following the seam down her calf, over her ankle, until also her toes were freed from the thin fabric. Calmly she repeated the same with her right leg. “If you don’t mind, I’ll have a bit of fun with you,” she beamed at him while crawling with her knees onto the tightly made bed. She crept over to him between his legs, trailing the silk stockings behind in her fingers. 

“Your pleasure is all mine,“ he responded, lifting his arms above his head until he could grip the head board. With a grin she sat across his tensed abdomen, her legs spread to either side. A few quick movements later his wrists here fixed to the decorative pommels of the bedposts. “Not too tight I hope?” she asked him from above. “No, just right,“ he answered over the pounding in his chest.  

Without further ado she scooted further up his body. She pressed his head into the soft pillow and climbed across his face, first planting her left knee close to his ear, followed by the right. His entire field of vision was now filled by her glistening vulva which exuded its captivating aroma directly into his nostrils. A breath later she sank onto him completely. Her wet slit moistened his half open mouth already before their lips met. 

With a hot exhalation he borrowed his tongue into her vagina. 

She sighed, but between her thighs he couldn’t hear anything apart from his own blood that was rushing through his eardrums. Greedily he began to lick her, exploring her heated inside with his tongue. Her nectar dripped into his now fully open mouth. He swallowed, his saliva mingled with the tantalising taste of her lust. 

Without a word she gripped his hair and pulled him even closer. Her clitoris rubbed against his upper lip and his breath vaporised between her thighs. Abruptly she pushed his head back into the pillow. “Drink me,” she said, her gaze directed into his eyes below. Motionless he looked back up at her.   

A warm spout pattered against his palate, swirling like a waterfall inside his open mouth. Rapidly her urine covered his tongue and she paused. He swallowed before leaving his lips ajar again. Nodding benevolently she pulled apart her labia between the fingers of her right hand and directed her golden stream into his mouth once more.

She let him swallow a second time before pressing her crotch firmly against his face.  

Short spurts of tart drops fell directly into his throat until her purling spring finally ran dry. Before getting up she loosened the stockings which had held his wrists. Then she pulled her dress over her legs and shoulders before slipping on her high heeled shoes. 

“Thank you for the invite,” she said in turning from the door and left. For a while he remained in place on the bed before wriggling his hands free from the bonds. Then he reached for the half empty bottle of champagne which they had taken up to the room and took a deep sip. 

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