In the Skate Park

She let her board roll down the freshly laid asphalt path and only rocked slightly in her knees to take the occasional smooth curve. The white socks in her low cut Vans left the ankles bare. They sported a leather band and a fine gold chain. Her black leggings ended just above the slender curve of her calves and moulded themselves around her thighs and well proportioned bum. Her waist was exposed so that a small plug with a pale pink pearl could be seen adorning her navel. The stripy cotton tanktop with the spaghetti straps had ridden up slightly. It had gathered into a bunch of folds under the curve of her breasts whose small nipples poked through the thin fabric. She wore her silvery reflective sunglasses with the clear acrylic frame. Her long brown hair was tied back behind her ears with a bandana.

The majority of the other skaters most likely wouldn’t show up today. There was going to be a gig and they would pass their time in the city centre rather than journey out here to the industrial park. From the distance the clatter of a board falling onto the wooden halfpipe already told her however that she wouldn’t be by herself entirely.

It had been a calculated decision for herself to come out here today. There were a few amongst the more dedicated boarders which she quite fancied and would have liked to meet in a smaller circle. One of those she could now indeed spot, casually swerving between the concrete bollards.

“Hello”, she waved at him.

He kicked his board up and snatched it with his left hand. “Hey, what’s up? I was beginning to think I was the only survivor of the zombie apocalypse!” She laughed. They hardly knew each other. At a party last summer she had been able to witness him doing it to a girl, fingering her while she masturbated and kissed him passionately. At first she had kept on walking embarrassedly. But since the two of them didn’t get distracted she had eventually turned around. Watching from the corner she had observed until they had both climaxed.

She began with her own tricks and made use of the entire length and breadth of the course. It was rare to be so undisturbed here. Whenever their paths crossed they chatted, laughed, and it seemed like they knew each other much closer already. She had imagined many times before how it had been her crotch feeling his hand that evening, maybe that is why he seemed so familiar now.

“Short break”, she grinned at him while leaning her board against the fence and disappearing behind the abandoned building next to the site. Outside of view, she pulled the black leggings down and over her shoes. Underneath she wore small white briefs which she now also took off, twirled together and slipped onto her left wrist. Then she put her leggings back on, but only after caressing her warm slit briefly with her fingers.

She was moist, more than moist.

When she returned and grabbed her board she saw him sitting on one of the concrete blocks looking at her. She walked directly towards him and sat down opposite. With her right hand she held the board while the left took the sunglasses and pushed them up her forehead.

Without another word he got to his knees in front of her. He laid his hands on her thighs and kissed her on the mouth. Then both hands wandered up to the waistband of her leggings. He gingerly pulled them down, first to the top of her slit, then over the curving buttocks. This had revealed the edge of her pubic hair, pointing in between her thighs, cropped and shaved into a triangle. She propped herself up on the rough cement and let him pull the tight fabric over her legs down to her ankles. He put her spread legs over his shoulders. As she leaned backwards he could press his mouth directly onto her open lips.

She moaned as his tongue pushed into her pussy and released her tension.

The nectar that had been building up inside her began to flow onto his tongue and dampen his chin. Her bum chafed against her cold seat but she could only feel the heat in her loins while he alternately kissed, licked and sucked on her pearl and the entrance to her vagina.

She placed her hands on his head and held onto him as her hips began to twitch and her whole body swayed left and right. He gripped her firmly at the waist and let her thrust her lust against his face, into his open mouth, onto his extended tongue. She poured herself into him and let out a sigh from the depth of her lungs.

Exhausted, her lower legs dropped onto his back. He smiled up at her. “Can I have this?” he asked and peeled the white panties off her wrist. He wiped her juice and his saliva off his cheeks, lips, chin and neck before letting the soft fabric glide over her tender thighs and finally dabbing her labia dry.

Then he lifted her legs back over his head, took her hand and pulled her up with him. Her fragrant panties he put into his trouser pocket. He let her draw up her leggings before kissing her on the lips once more. “Are you going to the concert later?” he asked her. “I think I’ll stay here for a while.” “Yes, I was going to head off shortly”, she replied. “We’ll see each other again next week for sure.” She got onto her board and waved at him as she steered it onto the asphalt path back into town.

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