Holiday Friendships

All of a sudden it had happened very quickly. They knew each other from the previous evening when they had got into talking at the bar of the hostel. Like her he was travelling with a group of friends and had just arrived. The next day they had all met again on the beach. As it got close to midday the two of them had walked back to the lodge to take a break from the burning sun.  

Now she stood bent over the sink in the small bathroom of her shared room, his hard cock stuck in her pussy. 

They hadn’t got around to undress but instead just pushed their shorts onto their thighs while their bodies were already united. His large, rock solid rod had not yet been able to wholly plunge into her tight vagina. Willingly she let her reluctant muscle fibres be spread open by him and savoured the continuously deepening penetration of her stoked body. 

His hands painfully dug into her hips as he completely rammed into her with a final powerful thrust. She felt his firm loins collide with her soft bottom and moaned. He gasped full of unbridled arousal as they began fucking rhythmically. 

It felt liberating.  

Both relished this feeling, to have sex here and now, on the second day of their holidays, fucking wildly. They had recognised in their eyes that they were here for this as they had gazed at each other for the first time. 

The multitude of small bottles and tins which her roommates had spread out around the basin began to vibrate and dance on the porcelain surface. Bum first, she thrust as hard back towards him as he drove his erect member into her. His hurried panting had given way to a subliminal moaning and she was whimpering in unconnected word fragments while biting her lips. 

Then he halted his onslaught for a moment. “Can I cum inside you?” he asked her. She felt his legs twitching between hers as his climax was apparently imminent. “Yes,” she replied while looking into his eyes through the mirror. 

The thought of being filled with his hot sperm in a few moments let her forget all inhibitions. She sighed fervently. “Yes, more, please… give it to me… now… faster… harder! Ahhhh…” She came and hardly noticed that he had reached his climax as well, until the semen dripped out of her slit and down her thighs. He continued jabbing her but his dick had lost its rigidity and his loins had spent their raw energy. 

After he had seized entirely, she pulled herself off him, turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Mmm, that was amazing!” “You are so hot!” he replied with a beaming face and gave her a kiss on the lips. They washed each other’s still tingling genitalia in the lukewarm water of the basin before pulling up their shorts back onto their hips. 

As she opened the bathroom door, she looked into the faces of her grinning roommates. 

Meanwhile they had returned and now sat on their beds. To remain utterly silent they apparently had struggled to keep from laughing out loud. 

Then her mobile phone began to vibrate which she had tossed carelessly onto her bed earlier, and the ringtone set in. Her friends burst into raucous laughter since it didn’t play the usual bell sound but her own moaning from moments ago, her begging and whimpering while she was getting fucked next door. 

“Sorry, that was just too horny with you two just now! So I thought I’d record it and give us all new ringtones.” Her best friend wiped tears from her eyes. “But we really just wanted to ask if you felt like coming for lunch with us. I guess you must be hungry enough now!” Together they left the room and walked down to the beach bar, the new couple bright red in their faces, even without the first sunburn. 

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