Encounter in the Sauna

She wore a small tattoo on her ankle and nothing else. Stretched out she lay on the upper wooden bench, face on forearms and legs bent so that her firm buttocks vaulted tautly above the arch of her hips.

He had sat down opposite her, legs crossed on the white towel. After turning over the hourglass, the fine grains of sand began flowing like the sweat over his body. He would have very much liked to look at her more closely, unhurriedly cast his gaze over every inch of her skin, but he felt awkward staring like that. Two other men sat in the back corners and her head was turned in his direction. Her eyes seemed to be closed but he couldn’t be sure if she had noticed him.

Gradually the heat was getting to him and he looked at the timer.

Just five minutes? One of the other men had enough and left the room. A flush of cool air entered through the open door and made him take a deep breath. He raised himself upright, stretching his spine, bending his head backwards, rotating it from one side to the other. The unknown woman opposite him perked up onto her elbows and turned towards him. This time he was sure that she had noticed him. Her eyes briefly held his as she laid her naked body on the side. Then she turned further, stretched out her legs and let her back and shoulders sink onto the bench.

This time he couldn’t help but study her more intently. Her skin was light but not pale. Her shoulder length brown hair had a reddish sheen and flowed around her neck in gentle waves. She displayed the curves of a Renaissance goddess, a full bosom with proud nipples and muscular thighs. Her small feet ended in short toes that rocked back and forth while her body was sizzling motionless in the dry heat.

His eyes wandered back, along her calf, up the thigh, then ground to a halt on her hips. He examined the mound that sloped gently from her belly down between her legs and whose smooth skin shimmered in the dim light of the sauna.

The heat was getting too much for him, wiping the sweat off his brow.

Ten minutes had expired, he needed a shower. Untangling his legs he climbed onto the floor, cast a final look over this desirable woman and closed the door behind him.

“Hello,” he heard a female voice next to him as he stood under the lukewarm cascade, washing the sweat from his head and body. “Do you come here regularly? I hadn’t seen you before.” She smiled at him and turned on her own tap.

Having been blindsided like this, he turned towards her. “I wasn’t here for a while. But I felt like it again. The heat is so relaxing. Although it seems I am no longer used to it!” She rubbed the foaming shower gel over her arms, chest and belly. “I’ve been in town for a couple of weeks visiting and have come here a few times already. Do you do anything else but sweating and relaxing in this place? There are also private rooms. If you fancy, do you want to go to one with me?” “Oh… ah… not really, but of course… yes, very much!” he stuttered.

“Then come!” she replied, grabbing a small cosmetics bag off the hook next to the shower and taking him by the hand.

She closed the door behind them and spread her towel out on the large black mattress. He put his right next to it. “Would you like me to give you a little massage?” he asked her. Now that they were both here, amongst themselves and completely naked, he felt confident in his own skin again. “Oh, yes please!” she responded. “That’s what I imagined earlier when I lay with you in the sauna and you were looking at me. I have a small bottle of oil in my bag.” She stretched out on her stomach. He opened the pouch and found the massage oil amongst a tube of lubricant and a bunch of condoms. He spread a few drops onto her shoulders before rubbing it into his palms to warm them up.

She sighed comfortably while he ran his fingers over her skin. At first he gently and softly traced all of her curves before laying his hands on her and beginning to massage her more firmly. “I need to leave in an hour at the latest unfortunately. Would you mind massaging me here as well right away?” Opening her legs she raised her hips to display her bum and her pussy. “Ha, how naughty!” he replied with a laugh. “But sure, since you are presenting your behind to me like that…” He gave her a smack on the cheeks, making her moan deeply:

“Mmm, thank you…”

After extensively massaging her firm buttocks with both hands, he let them slide inside her thighs, down the calves, along the heels up to the tips of her toes, and then back again, between the legs, onto and over her lips. With his right hand he stroked her spine up to the neck while the left was rubbing her labia. Two fingers parted them while the third found the clitoris, circling, brushing, massaging it. Then he delved into her, deep into her wetness.

She moaned and lifted her hips further towards him. He grabbed her pelvis and pulled her up onto her knees. Spreading her cheeks he dove between them face first, ran his greedy tongue over her sphincter, along the slit, savouring the taste of her salty skin. She purred and buried her head deep between her crossed arms while letting her hips gyrate in front of him, back bent downwards so that her breasts nearly brushed against the mattress.

He reached into the satchel once more and took out a condom.

With his teeth he opened the silver package and rolled the slippery rubber over his erect shaft. Then he gripped her waist, pushed her thighs even further apart with his own and placed his pulsing glans against her opening.

He thrust into her without meeting any resistance against his rod since she was totally relaxed and wet. She dripped from her own juice, her entire body was heated up, by the sauna, by her lust. He rode her, she rode him, their bodies melted together, coiled around each other, on all fours, side by side, on top of one another.

They climaxed, first her, then him, then her, until they finally let go and came to rest on their backs, exhausted, overheated on their towels.

“I’m flying back tonight.” Heads turned to the side they looked at each other. “I think I’ll be able to sleep well on the plane now.” She grinned, leaned over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I hope that we’ll meet again sometime,” he replied. With a wave she opened the door and disappeared down the corridor, wrapping the white towel around her body.

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