Double Room

It’s been a long day. They had wrapped up the full programme of city tour and museum visit in a restaurant in the old town. Their rented accommodation was located centrally but still affordable since they had agreed to share a twin room. 

Exhausted the two couples dropped onto their beds. Andrea was the first to rise again, announcing: “Unpacking can wait until tomorrow morning. I’m going to the bathroom, if nobody else wants to?” She slipped out of her summer dress and flitted through the door in just her underwear. The remaining travellers started rummaging around in the hand luggage they had brought for this weekend trip. 

“Me next!” Simone proclaimed as Andrea returned. Clutching a few items of clothing and toiletries she disappeared into the bathroom. “I think we’ll have to draw lots tomorrow,” her boyfriend sighed. When she came back, she wore a tight white t-shirt instead of her dress that ended just above her knickers. 

Meanwhile Marco and Jonas had taken off their trousers as well and were waiting stretched out on the beds. “You can go next,” Jonas prompted his mate. “OK, thanks,” Marco replied and got up from the mattress. “But no dawdling,” Andrea joked and gave him a slap on the bum, sending him off. 

Simone turned on the TV, zapping through the channels. “Adult movies are from channel 99 onwards I believe,” Jonas teased her. In response she grabbed a pillow, swinging it straight into his face. “You need a cold shower I think,” she called after him as he quickly climbed over her and out of the bed. At that moment Marco appeared from the bathroom, allowing Jonas to escape inside. 

Excitedly Andrea welcomed her boyfriend into their shared bed. 

She snuggled up to him, sliding her bare leg over his thigh. “Lights out?” Marco asked. “Yes,” Simone replied from the other bed. They both turned off the lamps beside them so that only the TV still cast a flickering light into the room. Shortly after Jonas returned to the bedroom as well. With a grin Simone handed him a pillow and made space next to her. 

Andrea sat upright briefly to remove her bra, then sank back onto the cushions. She smiled at her boyfriend in the dim light. Marco leaned over to her. They kissed passionately while his hand began rubbing her through the thin fabric of her cotton panties. He lay on his side, so that the bulging erection threatening to burst his boxer briefs could be seen across Andrea’s narrow body. 

Parting from the kiss, Andrea turned her head towards the couple in the next bed. “Do you mind if we fuck?” she asked. “Nah, don’t mind us,” Simone answered, having secretly observed the foreplay next to them. Now she turned over to her boyfriend and kissed him on the lips as her hand glided onto his crotch. It already confirmed that he had not missed the erotic tension permeating the room either. 

Andrea slid off her panties and sat down across Marco’s lap. Her smooth shaven lips were moist and her juice soaked through onto the pulsating shaft as her vulva rubbed against him. She pulled his t-shirt upwards over his stomach and chest and leaned down to caress his hard nipples with lips, tongue and teeth. As his stiff cock started straining the waistband of his boxer briefs, she relieved him by taking them off while he pulled the t-shirt over his head completely. Then she pushed him back onto the mattress and grabbed his member. 

Slowly she lowered herself onto him, guiding him inside herself. 

In the meantime Simone had crouched down on her knees next to her boyfriend. His underpants were stretched between his knees while she licked his balls and thighs, holding his penis in her hand. While doing so she played with her clit which her fingers had peeled out of her knickers. From the corner of her eye she perceived how Andrea ecstatically rode her boyfriend. Their moaning and the scent of their intercourse made her so horny that she gave up all restraint. 

She looked up at Jonas, whose smouldering eyes told her that he also just had one thing on his mind. Voraciously she took his cock in her mouth, sucking it with ever rising vigour further and further into her throat. Both observed their friend bouncing up and down on Marco’s rod, driving it deep inside with every thrust of her hips. The display made Simone wet, the fingers in her own pussy dripping with her juices, while Jonas’ testicles tightened in anticipation of an epic ejaculation. 

Marco’s hands gripped his lover’s thighs. His loins thrust upwards with each downward slam of her hips. She rode him so hard that his balls started hurting, only increasing his wild lust. Andrea enjoyed the show she put on for him and the couple in the neighbouring bed. She reclined, planting her hands on his knees, her hair cascading like a waterfall through her hollow back. Her breasts with their erect nipples jumped to the rhythm of their intense lovemaking. 

With a climactic sigh of relief Jonas’ semen gushed into Simone’s mouth. She let the warm sperm splatter against her palate and drip onto her tongue. As it threatened to seep out of her mouth that was still closed tightly around his stiff cock, she began to swallow. Slowly she withdrew her lips along his shaft until only the glans remained between them. She savoured sucking the last sweet drops from his yielding member. 

The lusty moans beside her and the aroma of freshly spilled sperm unlocked Andrea’s orgasm too. The twitching of her vagina around his throbbing dick burst Marco’s dam, his semen mingling with the flood of her passion. “Oh yes …” Andrea sighed above him, her eyes closed during the rush of their shared climax. Their bodies kept writhing in unison, though more observantly and deliberate now, until the waves of their lust had settled and they came to rest beside each other. 

“Sleep tight you two,” Simone whispered from the other bed. “You as well,” Andrea answered, pulling the light duvet over herself and Marco. “See you for breakfast.”

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