Cross Country

The final stop on the train line had dropped them off in near wilderness – or at least that is how it felt to them, being used to the facades and the bustle of the inner city. Over the roofs of the low houses one could see trees and open sky all around. As they reached the end of the street, wide open fields and meadows stretched before them. 

“Okay, I hope we took enough provisions. Doesn’t look like we’ll come across a Starbucks on the way,” he turned to his girlfriend. “I’m prepared”, she responded, purposefully hooking her thumbs under the straps of her backpack. They took their first steps on the gravelled walking path, consciously breathing in the refreshing air. 

They had fully geared up for the beginning of their hiking season. Since it was also their first, they wore new and still unfamiliar clothing, from robust but light half boots to knee length shorts and breathable t-shirts. The last weekend had been spent choosing their attire on a tour through the city’s sports and outdoor adventure stores. 

“You look very fetching in those shorts. Proper hiker’s calves, just a bit pale,” she joked as they snaked along an overgrown trail through an open meadow. “Elegantly fair is what I call it,” he replied in turning. She had stopped a few meters behind him and was rolling her shorts halfway up her thighs. He whistled appreciatively: “Oh, showing leg? How daring.” 

She smiled coquettishly. 

“I’m not as elegant as you I’m afraid.” He let her walk past and followed her up a slight incline until they reached the crest of a hill. They stood side by side, looking around. “Good location for our picnic, don’t you think?” he suggested. “Yes, amazing views. It was a great idea to come her during the week. No other soul far and wide.” 

They took off their rucksacks and began unpacking. Lying on her back on the spread out blanket she lifted her legs in the air and started untying her shoelaces. “Can I help?” he asked from above. “Yes please,” she answered and placed her feet against his thighs. While he opened the laces on her first boot, she blinked into the sun and spread her arms above her head. 

He had taken off the first shoe along with the sock and was getting started on the second as she began rubbing her toes against his crotch. “All this fresh air is really invigorating, don’t you think?” she teased him. “I think I can actually feel your answer already …” The soles of her feet glided along the shaft of his dick which was rapidly swelling to its full length as far as his boxer briefs permitted. 

Freed from her shoes she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs. “Don’t you want to savour the sun too?” she asked him. “Fabric free?” he replied and winked at her. “Of course,” she responded and leant back on her elbows to watch him. He had taken off his shoes already, standing barefoot in the tall grass. 

Holding it at the seam he raised the t-shirt over his flat stomach and the muscular chest that flexed under the fabric. When he lifted his arms to pull it over his head, the waistband of his boxer briefs peeked out from under his shorts. A moment after they came into full view as he took off the short trousers and stood in front of her in nothing but the close fitting underwear. Simultaneously they revealed their genitalia to each other, pulsing with excitement. 

She was more than ready for him. 

With legs parted and knees at an angle she invited him onto the blanket. His steeply inclined cock bounced between his legs as he crouched in front of her. He let his hands slide from her knees down her thighs before leaning over her, his hard member pressing against her slit. Holding himself up with his hands planted either side of her waist he was poised to enter her. 

His stiff cock slipped past her unfurled lips into the moist canal of her pussy. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him closer, until he rested fully inside her. Her warm juice dripped over his taut testicles which has snuggled up to her swollen labia. He bent down and they shared a deep kiss while their loins gyrated salaciously, their genitals tasting each other’s craving. 

Propped up with his hands next to her shoulders he began fucking her. Their eyes were locked. They knew that this is what they had imagined without saying it out loud. The warm sun on their skin and the cool wind caressing their perspiring bodies felt like invisible participants in their lovemaking. 

His thrusts increased in speed and vigour, igniting unhampered moans and gasps from the depth of her chest. Her fingers dug into his tense biceps while her eyes turned towards the steel blue sky beyond his shoulders. She sensed how his member swelled towards bursting as it slid in and out of her. Again and again. The unrelenting hardness made her more horny and wet than she had been for a long time. 

Crossing her legs, she followed him back and forth, her heels pressed against his firm buttocks. He came with a sudden eruption. The sensation of his warm semen flooding into her sent a languorous orgasm through her tense body. Relieved she dropped her arms into the surrounding grass, brushing through the lush blades with her fingers. He kissed her exposed neck and massaged her breasts through the t-shirt she was still wearing. 

When they had let go of each other they unpacked the rest of their picnic, boosting themselves for the rest of the way. They stayed as they were until it was time to keep going. Getting dressed next to each other, their bodies still tingled from the passion they had shared. Hand in hand they descended the opposite slope and followed the route as it lead them back around towards the train station. 

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