Catching Up

The last of their other friends had just left. “Thanks for sticking around for the clean up,” he said. “No worries,” she replied. “I’d feel guilty leaving you behind with all those half empty wine bottles.” With that she poured the remnants of a red into her glass and sat down on the sofa. “You are right, got to prioritise,” he responded, taking his half full glass from the dinner table before joining her. 

She crossed her legs as she turned towards him. He couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing suspenders under her teal satin dress. “It was fun seeing everyone again. Not least you,” she said. “It’s been a while.” Taking a sip of her wine, she slipped off her shoes. “I like what you have done with this place. Cosy, but considerably more stylish than our old flat share!” 

They laughed. The connection was still there, and recalling such memories took them back in time instantly. He had admired her across the dinner table all evening long. Now that they were alone and more intimate, admiration grew into arousal. “I’ll give you the grand tour if you like,” he offered, about to get up. Leaning over, she stopped him by putting a hand on his knee. “Later. I’d love to see it all,” she responded. 

Wine glass in hand, she laid her arm on the back of the couch. As she pulled up her right leg onto the seat cushion, her dress rose further up her thigh. Above the seam of her black sheer stockings a hand’s breadth of her silky skin was revealed. “You really dressed for the occasion,” he said. “You look amazing.” Grinning, she replied: “Thanks. You’ve really made an effort too though.” 

She moved closer to him. 

Her arm now rested behind his neck and her leg alongside his. Lifting her glass she proposed a toast: “To old friendships and new beginnings.” He raised his glass in response and they looked at each other as the crystal rang out. Having finished what was left of his wine, he put his empty glass down next to the sofa before turning back towards her. 

“Are we going to regret this tomorrow?” he said. “Tomorrow is another day,” she replied as she straddled his lap. Taking the final sip of her wine, she placed her left hand on his shoulder. Smoothly she leant backwards, putting the empty glass down on the hardwood floor. As she rose up again, her legs opened further, lowering her loins onto his. 

The thin fabric of her black lace knickers was moulded around her engorged labia. She felt the rough threads of his jeans that were bulging over his erect penis. Leaning forward, she kissed his exposed neck while gyrating her hips on his lap. “God, I want you …” he hissed in her ear as his hands surrounded her waist. 

Pressing her lips fervently against his, she quickly opened his belt. As she unbuttoned his trousers she already felt the firm tip of his cock straining towards its release. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and slid her hands into his briefs. Grabbing his shaft in one hand she pulled it out while lifting his testicles until they were propped over the tight waistband. 

Releasing him from her kiss, she slid her wet panties to the side. 

She guided his hard member towards her parting labia. His crimson glans disappeared between the pink petals. She moaned as she forced it into her narrow canal, using her own body weight to drive it ever further inward. The throbbing of his rod added to the dull ache in her straining muscles. In the throes of her lust she began riding him rhythmically. 

“This has been overdue, don’t you think?” she asked in a gaspy voice. “Fuck, yes!” he replied, panting. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot …” She chuckled: “Oh really? Good thing we caught up then!” His breathing came in short, sharp bursts now and his penis had hardened to the point of painful ecstasy in the tight embrace of her vagina. 

Suddenly she lifted herself up from his lap and let go of his quivering pole. Shiny and wet from her juices it stood at attention between her open legs, tantalisingly hovering above. “Now I’ll take the grand tour please. I assume admission to the bedroom is included?” she asked, winking at him as she stepped off the sofa. Letting her dress fall over her hips, she cast her ruffled hair back over her shoulders. 

With trembling legs he stood up. After a moment of hesitation he pushed his trousers and underwear down, taking them off alongside his shoes and socks. “I guess the formal part of the evening is over,” he remarked while stripping off his shirt as well. “I hope so,” she replied. “I’ll just follow the tour guide with the pole then, shall I?” Laughing, he took her by the hand, leading her out of the dining room. 

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