At the Gig

The dance floor in front of the stage was heaving. The vibrations of the speaker stacks sent thumping basslines through the throng of dancers. Sweaty bodies collided and rubbed against one another. 

Her hair flew into his face. In apology she lifted her hand and laughed as she twirled past him. During the short breaks between songs they tried to make conversation, but among the feedback of the instruments and the roar of the crowd most words were swallowed up. What was left was the electric tension that built between them. 

As the final chord faded and the audience was still calling out for more, he grabbed her hand. They wound their way across the dance floor and along the narrow corridor past the cloak room to one of the emergency exits. He opened the door to the alley and led her outside. 

Cool air engulfed their steaming bodies. 

After a few steps in the unfamiliar quiet they turned to one another and kissed passionately. He gripped her waist and lifted her up onto one of the utility boxes along the wall. She felt the rough brickwork behind as she leaned back to lift her legs. 

Her fishnet stockings reached half way up her firm thighs that held her tense legs in the air. The triangle of her lust revealed itself through the sheer fabric of the black thong which stuck with moistness to her swollen labia. 

He dropped to his knees before her and slid his hands onto her hips. Hooking his thumbs under the string he pulled her scanty underwear down until it only clung to her left ankle. The scent of her arousal and the heat of her pent up passion filled his senses. 

Breathing in deeply he dove between her thighs. 

He ran his tongue over her salty skin. His lips pressed against her labia and the tip of his nose borrowed into the cropped tuft of dark hair crowning her vulva. Her hands caressed his head and her feet in the heavy Doc Martens dangled against his shoulder blades. 

Her nectar flowed over his tongue into his open mouth as he drove it into her gash. He licked the slippery walls of her vagina as far inside as he could reach in his greed. Breathing fast, she took his head into both of her hands, urging him insistently: “Fuck me!”

He stood up and she slung her legs around him. Impatient hands opened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans while he fished for a condom in his back pocket. He had just found it as she already pushed his trousers down. 

His rock hard cock stood quivering between them. 

She pulled him toward her and fervently kissed him on the mouth. His practiced fingers rolled the condom down his shaft while her fingers massaged his taut balls. He gripped his member at the base and reached around her hip with his other hand. She pre-empted him by sliding forward to the edge of her improvised seat. 

His glans found her slot and glided inside. She moaned into his ear as he splayed her inch by inch. When he had plunged half way into her, he slowly pulled his pulsing penis back, only to enter her again shortly after with increased vigour. One hand grabbed her ass as the other supported her on her backbone. 

They began fucking each other deeply and full of relish. The rhythm of the earlier dancing still echoed in their heads and bodies, setting the tempo and intensity of their lovemaking. Lips and tongues kissed and licked another as well as every inch of bare necks and shoulders they could find. 

Her hands reached under his t-shirt. 

She traced her nails over his tingling skin. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his hips while her shoes were digging into his buttocks. She drove herself hard and deep onto his rod, enjoying the vibrations from each thrust of his loins which surged through her body like waves of sound amplified by her clitoris. 

Both were entangled so tightly that they could feel the lust within each other as it rose towards its climax. They moaned and panted in unison as their orgasms were unleashed. With his throbbing cock deep in her twitching pussy they kissed intensely while savouring the energy that coursed through their sweaty bodies. 

The first riffs and drum rolls from the inside announced the next band to the stage. She jumped down to him on the ground and pulled up her panties as he closed his trousers. “Come on, let’s go dancing!” she prompted and pulled him along the alley around the corner. Presenting the smudged stamps on the back of their hands at the entrance they plunged back into the revelling crowd.

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