At the Garden Party

Hooting from the pavilion had made them curious. The party was nearing its end and they wanted to go home shortly when they were attracted by cheers from the far end of the sweeping estate.

Arriving, they saw Meline, surrounded by a group of about a dozen young men and women. Two of the attendant crowd had switched on the torch function of their mobile phones since there was no other light reaching here apart from the glow of the moon. They realised that Meline was entirely naked. Her clothes were spread over the floor, several banknotes scattered in between. She was dancing lasciviously and provocatively in the midst of her spectators.

When the couple joined the circle they noticed how some of the men had taken their penises from their trousers, half of them stiff. The other half had seemingly already relieved themselves, because now they saw Melines body and face more closely. Traces of smeared semen were shimmering on her skin.

She had just sunk to her knees, rubbing up against one of the men.

Taking the erect member out of his hand, she could play with it herself. Like a lollipop she licked his cock repeatedly from base to bell-end. Slowly she then inserted it between her lips, accompanied by his moaning. She sucked him with such verve while massaging his tight balls that he ejaculated into her mouth after a mere few moments. Still on her knees, she brushed the last drops of semen off on her cheek. Just then the remaining observer with an unattended erection turned her head around to him and shoved his rod between her still open lips.

Instead of leaving her to it, he thrust his rock hard cock repeatedly into her mouth. She opened her jaws wide and stuck out her tongue towards him so that he could glide back and forth on its wet surface. He found his release with twitching thighs on her face and wiped the remaining droplets off on her lower lip. Licking herself and then letting her tongue glide over her palate she proceeded to gather up the sperm from eyelids, nose and cheeks with her fingers before sucking them off like a connoisseur. Meanwhile she looked around and cast her gaze over the eyes of her audience and the now soft dicks whose loads she had already received.

“I have one more for you,” he heard his girlfriend say. During the previous performance she had began rubbing his increasingly warm member through his jeans. Now she unbuttoned them and pulled them down to his thighs along with the briefs, freeing his stiff pole to jump to attention. Meline crawled over to them on her knees and placed her hands on his tense thighs. Then she proceeded with licking and sucking his flaming phallus while looking up at his girlfriend.

He felt his partner kneading his buttocks from behind and heard her giggling into his ear.

His cock was close to erupting. Meline sucked ever more furiously as she felt the pent up sperm seething in his tight testicles. She took him so deep into her throat that her voracious tongue lapped all the way up and over his sensitive balls. This triggered him to explode. The first eruption of his sticky semen poured directly down her gullet. She swallowed it reflexively, before gripping his pulsating penis with her hand by the base. Squeezing it in oder to win time she directed the next gush of his juice onto her tongue. Like this she let her mouth fill up with further ejaculations of his twitching dick. Finally pulling it out she presented the milky semen collected on her outstretched tongue to him and his girlfriend. “Swallow it, slut!” she barked at her, and Meline obliged without protest.

“You owe me for this!” She gave her boyfriend a pat on the bare bum and pulled his trousers back up. “Come on, let’s go.” Hand in hand they left the pavilion and started walking towards home. Meanwhile the laughter of the revellers slowly receded in the distance.

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