A Walk in the Forest

The spring nearly felt like summer when they embarked on their first walking trip of the year. It wasn’t exactly wilderness but they were far enough from the edge of the city that only few dog owners or families ventured here to catch some fresh air.  

Wearing breathable t-shirts under light jackets, shorts and running shoes, it was pleasant to stroll through the shifting light and shade of the fresh forest. Apart from some drinks and energy bars in the backpack they hadn’t taken anything, and their last rest had been half an hour earlier. They had penetrated deep enough into the woods on a side path that they had not came across another soul since then.

“Stop for a moment, I have to take a pee break,” she informed him with a glance over her shoulder, already climbing through the undergrowth next to the trail. “Can you watch out if somebody is coming?” She disappeared behind a tree, but its trunk was not wide enough to cover her completely. 

“I’d rather watch you.” 

He followed the aisle she had cleared and circled around the tree. Just at that moment she squatted down, shorts lowered to her knees. “We are still all alone, don’t worry,” he countered as she greeted him with a vitriolic glare. “You weirdo,” she sighed. Shortly afterwards the patter of drops on leaves echoed through the air. He could envision the stream through the sound rather than actually seeing it in the twilight between her legs. 

When she was finished, she got up and turned around towards him. Slowly she pulled her shorts up, granting him an extensive view of her shaved pussy. Before closing the zipper, she briefly ran her fingers softly over her labia. “Now it’s your turn,” she said and stepped up close to him. With her middle finger she brushed over his lips and chin. Then she moved her hand down to the waistband of his shorts to open its button and zip.

The short trousers fell around his ankles as she reached into his briefs and pulled out his dick along with his balls. She took up position next to him, placing her free hand on the cotton fabric still covering his bum cheeks. His already swelling member twitched in her grip. It rose up as she pushed the foreskin back over his glans.

“Ready, steady, go!”

At her command he released the pressure. A stream shot out of his pipe in a high arc and fell in heavy drops amongst the dark green undergrowth. Where the sun shone through the leaves of the trees above, the cascade shimmered like champagne. As the well ceased, she begann massaging his shaft. Moving her hand up and down along it, she got to her knees in front of him.

She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. A bitter taste spread over her tongue as the last drops of his urine dripped from his stiff member. “Oh yes…” were the only words she could make out from his moaning while she masturbated him in her mouth. With the glistening glans between her lips she held his penis firmly in her right hand while kneading his testicles with her left. 

His hand brushed through her hair and his loins seized up. She knew that he was about to cum and let his cock rest on her extended tongue. His sperm squirted against her palate in its initial surge before continuing to gush into her open mouth. Like previously she closed her lips around his glans and sucked every drop of his ejaculation from his penis, all the while massaging it gently.

She swallowed and smiled up to him. “Can you give me the bottle from the backpack? I’m so thirsty. I think we’ll need to make another stop on the way back.” Together they clambered back onto the trail and continued their early summer stroll. 

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