The Sketch

“Nice bum!” He looked up from his drawing pad and over his right shoulder towards the unfamiliar voice. The man behind gazed at him unashamedly as he answered: “Yes, the musculature is sculpted just perfectly. I’m always astounded how that is possible to achieve in marble.” His opposite smirked. “I meant yours …” he replied with a wink. 

“But our exhibit’s isn’t bad either, I give you that. Although my favourite works aren’t here but in the archive. If you like we can have a look around there.” The student accepted this unexpected invite gratefully. His host led him through the staircase to an unmarked door. Quickly he waived his key card in front of the digital lock and typed in a code. With a click the door opened and he gestured the visitor through.  

Neon bulbs in the ceiling flickered to life as they entered the room. Through a Labyrinth of shelves and cabinets they snaked their way into an adjoining hall. Here the walls were lined by a mingle-mangle of statues from different eras and in various materials. On pedestals in the centre stood further works of sculptors from centuries gone by. 

“The Greeks’ eye for proportions is unmatched, isn’t it?” 

They had stopped in front of a statue made from white marble. It seemingly depicted Hermes, as the winged sandals suggested. The antique deity was missing its head and left shoulder but the rest of its heavenly body was preserved in all of its sky clad glory. “Touching is permitted here…” the museum guide remarked. His guest put the drawing pad to the side and peered up the statue before gingerly putting a hand on one of its sinuous calves. 

Slowly he traced his fingers up the leg without perceiving the slightest imperfection in the polished stone. He paused for a moment on the upper thigh before his hand felt its way onto the curves of the buttocks which an unknown master had captured for eternity. At the same moment he noticed another hand touching his bottom from behind. 

He didn’t react and continued feeling the stone which had been carved so lifelike under his fingers. Meanwhile two hands reached around his loins to unbutton his jeans. Then they tugged into the waistband and pushed down the trousers alongside the briefs. Freed, the already stiff penis inside sprang upwards. 

The man behind him crouched down and spread the buttocks that were offered to him with a firm grip. His greedy tongue lapped the sphincter of the art student who had remained nearly as motionless as Hermes above. Using circular motions his wet tongue massaged the twitching ring until a soft moan from above gave away the effect it was having. Slowly he inserted a finger into the tight but now relaxed hole. 

Now trembling from the stimulus, the young artist bent forward further.  

He gripped the ankles of the statue, the white marble cool to his touch. The man behind him stood up and let go of him for a moment. When he touched him again, it was with his left hand, grabbing his swollen testicles tightly. Then two fingers pressed onto his sphincter and began forcing their way inside. The student gasped but was only pulled further backwards onto the gouging fingers. 

Using robust strokes the museum guide now jerked his pulsating cock. The fingers in his anus had eked out enough space now to slip in and out easily up to the knuckles. He had nearly reached the moment of ejaculation when the hand let go of his member unexpectedly. Instead it was placed onto his hip, holding him in place as the man pushed his erect penis into his bottom. 

A short pang flashed through his spine as the glans penetrated his sphincter. Quickly languorous warmth spread throughout his entire body however as the cock dove into him with its full length. Now the second hand grabbed his hip too. In fierce, rhythmic thrusts the man fucked him, letting him experience the burning lust of his pent up desire. 

Without another touch his balls contracted even further. 

His penis teetered up and down in the air, set into motion through the hammering blows from behind. The shaft painfully swelled to bursting point. With a sharp contraction his sperm shot from the purple glans as the man’s pelvis crashed against his buttocks with climactic intensity.  

Through the muscle which was gripping the stiff cock tightly he felt pulsating surges of semen flooding his anus. Relieved from his tension the man continued fucking him with calm, deep thrusts until finally pulling his penis out of him. Both buttoned their trousers back up while exchanging grinning glances. 

“Are you going to find the way back? I have to do some… tidying up here,”  the museum guide remarked. “Oh, and could I keep your sketch?” Smiling the art student agreed and tore the sheet from his drawing pad: “Sure. And thank you for the tour.” On his way back through the main exhibition he soaked up the aura of the silent statues of gods and mortals once more before leaving the museum and his studies behind for the day. 

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