Skinny Dipping

They had finished their drinks at the beach, stretched out on the cool sand under the light of a half moon. The air still held on to the heat of the day, washing over them softly in a humid breeze. “I’m going for a swim,” Akim announced. “Saving me the shower when I get home.” Like his mates, he had already discarded his shirt and shoes coming to the beach and stood up dressed in his Bermuda shorts alone. “Good thinking,” Theo chuckled. “You’ve always been the smart one out of us.” He joined him, taking down his trousers. 

Their other three friends began unbuttoning as Akim and Theo stripped out of their underwear. Naked, they waded into the shallow waves. Taking a dive they briefly disappeared from view, followed by the rest of the group in short order. Some twenty yards from the shore they all emerged again together, splashing and spitting water, refreshed after a long night on the town. 

“Let’s swim to the cove and back,” Akim suggested, brushing aside his wet hair. “I’ll pass,” Rafi replied first. “I’ve got to head home, going to be up early.” Making their excuses too, the others joined him, leaving only Ben. “I’ll come with you,” he told Akim. “It’s still too warm out there, the water feels so good right now.” Waving each other good bye for the night, the group parted ways. 

Side by side, Akim and Ben set off across the bay, heading towards the rocky outcrop which separated the main beach from a small sandy cove. Swimming at a leisurely pace, they reached shallow waters again half an hour later, chatting along the way. For a while they bopped around on the surface of the sea, relaxing their muscles and drifting up and down as the waves rolled underneath them. Ben was first to step out of the surf and onto the narrow beach which lay in the shadow of the cliffs surrounding it. 

His nipples were hard, and not just from the cooling breeze on his wet skin. 

He sat down on the coarse sand, looking out towards the water, just as Akim emerged. His silhouette was traced against the night sky by the light of the moon. With a smile Ben observed that the water had not fully cooled his friend off. Kneeling next to him, Akim’s thighs tensed as he leaned back on his heels. Ben extended his right leg, digging a groove into the sand underneath. His penis rested on his pelvis for a moment, then started lifting by itself.

Akim looked into his eyes, then down at the twitching member. Reaching over with his right hand, he gripped it firmly. His own cock rapidly swelled, rising between his thighs. Ben propped himself up on his right elbow and took his mate’s now throbbing rod in his left hand. He ran his fingers down the shaft and onto the free swinging testicles, squeezing them gently. Then he closed his lips around the purple head. 

Moaning, Akim worked the erect penis in his grip. Sliding up and down the pole, it began glowing under his touch. Every stroke past the tender ridge sent shivers through the body underneath. Sucking hard, saliva started dripping from Ben’s mouth while he slid his friend’s cock in and out, deep and deeper in synch with the firm caress of his own member. Nearly gagging, he let the pulsating hard-on slip from his mouth, panting: “Fuck me…” 

Akim didn’t hesitate, reaching around Ben’s hip and turning his mate over. He pulled open his legs and crawled between them, spreading his sandy buttocks to reveal the smooth crack in between. Hungry to satisfy his lust he started licking the salty hole. Ben squirmed in the sand, his dick throbbing against his belly. A probing finger replaced the tongue on his clenched hole, slowly pushing its way through the ring of muscle on a lubricating layer of warm saliva. 

A suppressed gasp confirmed that it had penetrated the sphincter. 

Dripping more spit from the tip of his tongue, Akim widened the tight hole using his middle finger, gliding more easily inside with every thrust. He felt Ben relaxing around him, the rising heat in his anus making the muscles pliable. Satisfied, Akim gripped his cock that had been dangling between his thighs impatiently. Putting his body weight on top of him, he forced his hard cock into Ben’s hole. 

Bucking under him from the sharp and sudden sting, Ben drove the invader deeper into himself, panting and filling his mouth with grains of sand. Akim’s loins pushed him back down, an arm pressing into his shoulder blades, another pinning him under his armpit. Fucking him with thrusts of his pelvis, he soon slammed against the buttocks, the full length of his cock buried deep in his ass. 

The friction of his own throbbing penis against the sand had Ben teetering on the edge of orgasmic release. As the rod kept slamming into him from behind, his swollen glans in turn rubbed against the packed grains and his firm abdomen. The sounds of the waves breaking against the shore was drowned out by Akim’s moans as his own climax approached. His testicles now pulled in taut under the base of his penis, the semen rushed through him. 

He pulled out, briefly holding his quivering cock in his clenched fist. As he released his grip, his cum spurted over Ben’s buttocks, dripping down his crack. Ben held perfectly still, listening to his friend’s relieved sighs of pleasure and feeling the tingling of the drops of warm semen running over his bare skin. Akim rose, standing over him as Ben turned on his back. Covered in sand from head to toe, his erect penis still twitched against his belly. 

“We better swim back,” Akim suggested. “Or we might not find our clothes again.” Ben joined him by the water’s edge. Side by side they slipped back into the sea. 

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