It was still quite early in the year for a day at the beach, but here between the sand dunes, sheltered from the wind, the bright sun comfortably warmed his skin already. He had planned to just go for an extended walk but then spontaneously decided to do some sunbathing. So now he lay on his stomach in the fine sand and was stripped down to his underpants. 

A shadow fell sideways onto his face and he opened his eyes, blinking. In front of him stood an unknown man, barefoot with his trousers turned up. He held a bag in his hand with two rolled up towels peeking out of it. A sun bleached t-shirt stretched over a broad chest and a dark pair of aviator glasses obscured the eyes that were looking down at him. 

“Do you mind if I spread out here as well? I can offer a beach towel in return,” the stranger addressed him. “Of course not. I thought I was still the only one at the beach,” he replied. “Thank you.” Propped up on his elbows he took the towel which his opposite held out. 

He rose to his knees and unfolded the cloth next to him as an underlay. His member had swollen due to the languorous warmth of the sand that his loins had pressed it into. As soon as he was done he quickly lay back on his stomach in order not to draw attention to it. 

Meanwhile the other beach visitor had stripped down to a pair of swimming trunks. 

He was searching for something in his bag. Holding a bottle of sun lotion in his hand he turned around and asked: “Do you want some too? The sun packs a punch already in this clear sky.” He nodded and answered: “Thanks, I guess that would be better.” 

His new acquaintance apparently took this as an invitation and kneeled next to him. “I’ll do your back for you.” With two squirts from the bottle he splashed the cool sun oil onto his shoulder blades. Warm hands quickly spread it across the whole back and along the upper arms.

The beach walker heard his opposite rubbing more oil into his hands. Shortly afterwards he felt his firm touch again, but this time on the back of his thighs. His muscles tensed involuntarily under the well oiled fingers and palms. Up and down they rubbed the thighs and calves until they had delivered their load equally. 

“Can you lift your pelvis briefly?” the other man prompted him. He did as asked without protest. His unfamiliar companion gripped the waistband of his underpants and pushed them down his loins. A hand reached under his belly and onto his erect penis. He pulled the taut fabric over the shaft and uncovered the testicles before sliding the briefs down the thighs entirely and taking them off via the ankles. 

“One moment,” the stranger stopped him before he could drop into the sand again. 

With one hand he pulled the rolled up beach towel from the bag and pushed it under his pelvis while the other tugged his stiff cock backwards between his legs. Propped up like this, his bottom and genitalia now lay fully exposed to the sun. The unaccustomed heat of its rays made the sensitive skin tingle, even before further drops of sun oil sprinkled it from above. 

He couldn’t help but emit a moan as the now familiar hands began gliding over his buttocks and scrotum. “Do you like getting fucked?” the man asked while his hands were spreading his cheeks. “Yes, sure …” he replied and took a sharp breath as a finger pierced his tight sphincter. “Good, ‘cause you have a really hot butt!” the voice behind him lauded whilst the skilled intruder proceeded to widen his ring. 

The moistness from his hole mingling with the sun oil made light work for the finger. Relaxed by the warmth from the friction and the sun, the circlet of muscle soon allowed a second digit to delve inside. A suppressed gasp, muffled by the sand, was the only resistance he mustered against this penetration. His cock was throbbing painfully in the strained position between his legs while his scrotum had contracted tightly in expectation of an ejaculation soon to come. 

“I think you are ready …” the stranger stated and briefly let go of him. When he approached again, it was the tip of the voluminous glans that touched him first. It glided down the crevice between his splayed buttocks until it reached the hole that was still open by a finger’s breadth. A hand pressed against the small of his back and pushed him down so that his rear was steeply angled upwards over the rolled up beach towel. 

A pang passed through him as the rim of the bulging head pierced his ring. 

Without hesitation the unfamiliar penis invaded his stoked anus lengthwise. The stretched sphincter reluctantly gave way to the pulsating shaft which the fingers hadn’t adequately prepared it for. Eventually he felt the other man’s testicles nestling up against his and realised that he had taken him inside entirely. 

“Oh yes,” a moan reached him from behind. Two hands gripped his hips firmly and the cock began its work. Like a rod it rammed deep into him with regular yet unrelenting thrusts. After each collision of the loins against his buttocks it withdrew back to the glans. Fingers dug into his fraught muscles, cramping up in a tightening stranglehold of lust. 

With a loud sigh the unknown man’s orgasm unloaded as he drove the cock up to its hilt into his anus for the umpteenth time. He sensed the pumping of semen from the taut scrotum that was pressed against his own balls through the shaft which was dilating his sore sphincter. With slow and pleasurable movements the member inside him slid back and forth now while spraying its warm sperm like victory champagne. 

The broiling fog that had descended over his mind was beginning to dissipate. He noticed that his own semen had spilled onto the towel underneath while the fire had raged inside him. The man behind had risen and now loomed in front of him, his glistening penis still half erect. While he pulled up his swimming trunks he asked: “Are you joining me in the water? I got to freshen up.” Blinking against the sun he replied: “No, I’ll stay here. The sea is too cold for me this time of year.” He turned onto his back and watched the stranger gradually disappear over the dunes. 

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