It had started raining. He was just about to run back to the service station for shelter when a car stopped shortly in front of him. Through the lowered side window the occupant called out to him: “Jump in, I’m going your way.” Quickly he opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat, his backpack and the soaked cardboard sign between his legs. 

“Good timing, it’s just getting started!” The older man directed the car onto the motorway, pulling into the middle lane. “You can put your wet stuff on the back seat, we’ll be on the road for a while,” the driver prompted him. Briefly opening his seat belt in order to take off his jacket, he bundled it onto the bench behind with his backpack and the cardboard. 

Settled in for the drive they introduced themselves. Their conversation turned towards the pros and cons of the various regional cities they had respectively lived, studied or worked in. “I’m going further up north. But maybe I can make a detour to get you closer to your destination,” his driver proposed. “If you don’t mind taking a short break beforehand?” 

“Sure, whatever works best for you,” he replied. 

Grey clouds still hung heavy in the sky, spilling showers across the motorway. A good hour into their journey the first signs indicating his exit appeared. “I’ll make a quick stop at the next rest area,” the man at the wheel announced. “Afterwards I’m happy to take you into town.” A short while later he pulled off the road and steered his car past a row of parked lorries, stopping a little further to the side. 

“Ever given a blowjob in a car?” the more experienced man asked as the rain drummed against the windscreen. “No, I don’t usually do anything like this,” he responded after a brief hesitation. The driver opened his belt buckle and unbuttoned his trousers. Then he reached in with one hand, pulling out his dick and testicles. The other hand he put onto the back of his passenger’s neck. “Take your seat belt off. Today you’ll learn to.” 

He did as instructed and bent down, guided by the slight pressure. The half erect penis of his opposite already twitched in giddy anticipation as his warm breath blew across it. Pulsing, it reached towards his moist lips, the exposed glans increasingly swelling until it stood glistening purple in front of him. With his tongue extended he licked the now rock hard cock from the balls up to the narrow muzzle that showed hints of its load with a wet sheen. 

“And swallow, I don’t want to get any on the seats!” 

The firm hand in his neck pressed him down on the genitalia, gliding between his lips into his warm throat. “Mmm, good that I didn’t have time before setting off. Wanking into your mouth feels a lot better,” the man in the driver’s seat moaned. Full of relish he drove his rod along the rough tongue with rhythmic pumping of his loins. Closed lips massaged the hard shaft with every thrust. Sticky saliva ran from the corners of the mouth into bushy pubes and down tightening testicles. 

“Oh yes…” the driver gasped, straining against the belt that still held him against his seat. A shot of viscous sperm exploded against the palate of the younger man, making him swallow. He suspended his sucking and let the semen that flooded his mouth in continuing gushes spill over his tongue. When he felt the hand in his neck relax and the member between his lips lose its rigidity, he straightened up. With a deep gulp he dropped back against his seat. 

The driver closed his trousers and started the car. “You are a good passenger,” he grinned at him. “I’ll give you my number, in case you want me to take you on the drive back.” The hitchhiker glanced over and answered: “Thank you, I’ll think about it.” After a short drive they reached the outskirts of the city and said their goodbyes. With his hood pulled into his face he sped across the street and under the roof of a bus stop for the remaining stretch of his journey. 

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